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MASTER KUSH (DUTCH PASSION) Master Kush's genetics are from the high mountains

of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, where they are a compact, hardy, forgiving

strain. Extreme potency and earthy difficulties with notes of citrus and spider

mite resistance are things that can be expected from this easily cloned strain.

Doesn't smell particularly strong, but also good for guerrilla cultivation.

Genetics indica dominant Parent Master Kush Flowering time 8.5 weeks THC% 15-

18% CBD% Unknown Yield indoor growing means Interior height low Yield (outdoor)

means Outside height low Harvest time (outdoors) October Available as feminized

seeds Dutch Passion seed bank By purchasing this product you earn up to 2

loyalty points. Check your current loyalty score and all available gifts on the

loyalty bonus page. Tweet send to a friend From € 24.00

Feminized seeds: 3 seeds € 24.00 In stock Continue Add to my wish list ABOUT


Interview with Dutch Passion Top 5 feminized Top 5 autoflowering All seeds from

Dutch Passion SIMPLE GERMINATION Easy germination

CANNABIS PROPAGATOR Cannabis propagator

DISCLAIMER Zativo belong only to private customers and believe that no other or

industrial grower with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to

believe that the best related seeds are for cannabis cultivation that is of a

scope that is private, then we have given ourselves the right to these personal


cbd hanf, cbd produkten,


varieties are at the top of the indicas. Dutch Passion owns their seed

portfolio with a lot of passion and even traveled to Afghanistan, where they

MASTER KUSH - GROWTH AND FLAVORS The flowering time to the finished product

things around 8.5 weeks. Master Kush was developed as a very broad standing and

strong plant, it exists in the largest closed thrives. Therefore, it is

particularly good for new. Medium-high harvests can also be made outdoors, also

outdoors. The flowers are large and dense, have been separated so that they do

not mold. If it is important that the plants are not sold, Master Kush is just

right because they are only a small height. Plants that heard everything are

not heard.

believed that only babies have brown fat. It has now been scientifically proven

that adults also have brown fat cells in the neck and back. And it is precisely

these cells that extract sugar from the blood at cooler temperatures in order

to burn calories and thus maintain body temperature. And not only that.

Sleeping in a cool room improves insulin sensitivity As part of a recent study

by the American National Health Institute (NIH), test subjects slept in rooms

Her blood sugar and insulin values ​​as well as the calorie consumption were

constantly monitored. Finally, they slept at 19 degrees, and after a month at

this night temperature, their percentage of brown fat had almost doubled.

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become a

holistic nutritionist in around 16 months . Order the free information brochure

here .

You can only benefit from a special offer until midnight today : When you

choose the complete package for distance education, we give you the digital

learning materials with the learning app including an audio book worth € 360

free of charge .

Is this article worth reading? Share this article swell Celi FS et al.,

“Temperature-acclimated brown adipose tissue modulates insulin sensitivity in

humans”, Diabetes, June 2014, (Brown adipose tissue accustomed to the ambient

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