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In addition, the apricot contains minerals such as iron, sodium, magnesium,

calcium, phosphorus and potassium. If you are aiming for a healthy diet, you

should not refrain from eating the fruits. Because of their valuable

ingredients, apricots are said to help against fatigue, strengthen the mucous

membranes, relieve asthma symptoms, improve the ability to concentrate and,

last but not least, for a younger and younger provide a fresher complexion. In

addition to the skin, they also strengthen the hair - which is why their

extracts are also contained in creams, body oils, lotions and shampoos.

half apricot Apricot kernels - caustic acid! The fact that apricots are not

only healthy is due to their bitter kernels, which contain amygdalin. In the

course of digestion, hydrocyanic acid (cyanide) is released from the body from

amygdalin. For this reason, apricot kernels should only be consumed to a

limited extent. If larger amounts of the kernels are eaten, this can lead to

poisoning and, in the worst case, can even be fatal. To stay healthy, this

should be taken into account in the diet, because you should not eat more than

one or two seeds a day. Of course, this is different with the conventional

sweet apricot kernels that are available in the grocery store. As a rule, these

have no harmful hydrocyanic acid values.

The consumption of the apricot - healthy, healthy and healthy again The apricot

season ranges from corn to around mid-September. If you want to eat apricots in

the winter months, you can use fruits that are imported from overseas. Although

ripe apricots are particularly sweet and healthy, they usually only last two

days, even if they are stored in the refrigerator.

There are also numerous other options for eating the fruit. So there are a

variety of different recipes - starting with jam, compote, as a side dish to

savory foods and liqueurs. You can eat apricots not only for dessert or as

dried fruit, but also in numerous savory dishes such as turkey and lamb. In the

following, one or the other recipe tip is given on how a healthy diet can be

enriched with apricots. In this regard, very different meals can be on the


Lebanese rice pudding with apricot compote: This recipe requires fresh or

already finished rice pudding. The milk rice, best cooked with a dash of orange

blossom water, is served with a fresh one

Things worth knowing about Amber

Diverse in appearance and taste It is due to the multiple boiling out of the

malt husks, which are added to the approach for amber beer. In addition, there

are hops and water, so that the mash basically contains the same ingredients as

all drinks of its kind. And yet the result is very different. The taste is

dominated by a clearly noticeable malt note and a light fruity aroma -

accompanied by a more or less pronounced caramel tone, differently bitter hops

and varying sweetness. Amber beers change in color from soft honey yellow to

bright copper to light or reddish brown. They show the whole possible spectrum

of amber and are quite rightly named. But under what circumstances does the

basic ingredients produce beer with a sweet or tart taste or light or dark

colored beer?

The yeast makes the difference The added yeast cultures determine the taste and

color of beers after brewing. Depending on the bacterial strains contained in

the respective product, the mash becomes an upper or a bottom fermented beer.

Amber beers Top-fermented Top-fermenting yeast forms coherent colonies that

remain connected to each other even during the brewing process. They are pushed

upwards by the gradually arising carbon dioxide and float on the beer brew, so

that they can be skimmed off very easily. The "working temperature" of top-

fermenting yeast is 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and thus produces a literal warm

beer. Top-fermented varieties include Alt, Weiss and Dampfbier as well as Gose,

Kölsch and Ale. They are usually light and taste much more aromatic than their


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