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Luigi Lazzaroni had spent a lot of time in England (which explains the many

early tins with English hunting scenes), and while in the UK biscuits were sold

loose from large containers in the 1870s, he started putting his wrapped

biscuits in decorated, sealed tins . In later years it was discovered that the

thin paper glides gently and beautifully to the sky when rolled up and set on

fire. It is even said that the wish comes true when you express a wish and the

paper rises to the ceiling (or higher when you are outside).

Manufacturing 225 grams of almond paste 1 cup of fine sugar 2 large proteins

Granulated sugar for dusting finished cookies

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Line two baking sheets with parchment

paper. Have a piping bag ready. Break the almond paste into small pieces and

place in a bowl with the sugar. Mix at low speed with an electric mixer until

everything is very fine. Add egg white and mix well until the dough is very

smooth, about 3 to 4 minutes. Pour the almond mixture into the piping bag and

place small mounds on the baking paper at a distance of about 2 centimeters.

Then lightly press on the top of each biscuit with a damp paper towel to smooth

the surface (you want the dough sp

Interesting facts about absinthe

Legendary & worth knowing about absinthe The name Absinth derives from the

French name Absinthe and Absinthe also received the mysterious nickname «Green

Fairy» in France. Whoever now suspects the place of origin of the drink in this

country is very wrong!

Little liquor history lesson Surprise - the absinthe comes from Switzerland! He

saw the light of day in Val-de-Travers in today's Canton of Neuchâtel in the

second half of the 18th century. According to legend, the French doctor Doctor

Pierre Ordinaire created an “élixir d'absinthe” in Couvet and administered it

to his patients as medicine. Other legends call Henriette Henriod or Suzanne-

Marguerite Motta as the creators of the wormwood elixir. The latter was the

healing wife of the innkeeper Henry-Francois Henriod. Whoever is the real

originator - the history of Absinthe is closely linked to Switzerland and

especially to the Henriod family!

Matte absinthe Herbs & hanföl kaufen - what's in absinthe? Wormwood, anise and

fennel are responsible for the characteristic taste of the drink. Other herbs

such as coriander, lemon balm or juniper can also be included. The herbs are

soaked in alcohol, the following distillation ensures that the bitter

substances contained in the wormwood are separated.

This is crucial for the later taste, since high-quality products never taste

bitter. In terms of taste, good absinthe is a sophisticated variation of spicy

and floral nuances with a pleasant anise note. A very bitter taste is an

indication of poor quality.

Aromatic subtleties as well as the green coloring of many varieties result from

the chlorophyll from Pontic wormwood, mint, lemon balm and hyssop. Like many

spirits, absinthe also contains a high proportion of alcohol. Most varieties

contain between 45 and 85 percent by volume.

Forbidden drink In the 19th century, absinthes were extremely popular in many

European countries. In France in particular, the “green hour” around 1860 was

part of everyday life for many people. In the late afternoon they met in the

bars or cafés and devoted themselves to the numerous drinking rituals. The

bohemian was thrilled! Famous artists such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent

van Gogh and Oscar Wilde fell in love with the “Green Fairy”.

Every hanföl kaufen party comes to an end at some point - drinks containing

thujone were classified as harmful to health and after a spectacular murder in

1905, the fate of the popular spirits seemed sealed. The thujone content was

considered to be responsible for the health hazard. The thujone is part of the

essential oil in wormwood. Belgium issued a ban in the same year, Switzerland

followed in 1910 and France in 1914. Only Spain and Portugal did not take part

in the wave of bans and the drink was sold in the UK.

Since the theory of the dangerousness of thujone in absinthe has now been

scientifically refuted, the ban has now been lifted in most countries. Absinthe

is drunk in numerous countries worldwide, it is particularly popular in

Switzerland, France, Germany and many other countries in Europe.