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Several studies in both children and adults have shown that glucomannans are

well suited to relieve constipation. In a children's study, 45 percent of the

In the control

group it was only 13 percent.

Adult studies have observed that glucomannans promote intestinal peristalsis,

increase the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria, and accelerate the

production of short-chain fatty acids. All of these three properties relieve


Can Shirataki Noodles Have Side Effects? If you want to incorporate Shirataki

noodles into your menu, you should proceed slowly and get your intestines used

to the new fiber with small and then slowly increasing amounts. Otherwise, you

may experience mild diarrhea or flatulence - but this can apply to any type of

fiber if the intestine is not used to it.

The BMI (Body Mass Index)

is a measure of the body weight. The BMI is calculated using the current weight

and height.Basic knowledge of

mathematics is completely sufficient. Nevertheless, BMI calculators are booming

on the Internet - and are apparently consulted just as frequently as bathroom


Read out Have it read aloud with webReader Author: Carina Rehberg Updated:

November 12, 2019 BMI calculators are unnecessary BMI stands for Body Mass


addition, in so-called BMI calculators, which are available everywhere on the

net, you usually only enter nothing more than the height in meters and the

current weight. Yes, in reality you

wouldn't need a BMI calculator either, because you can easily calculate your

BMI using the following formula:

If you take medication, glucomannans can reduce their absorption and thus

weaken their effectiveness. Therefore, take your medication at least an hour

before eating Shirataki noodles or at the earliest four hours after eating.

Shirataki noodles: the preparation Shirataki noodles can replace the usual

pasta or normal rice in any pasta recipe. Because

Shirataki noodles are not packaged dry like normal noodles, but moist, i.e.

already cooked. Shirataki noodles taste particularly good in Asian recipes with

lots of vegetables and plenty of sauce.

When you first pack Shirataki noodles, stay cool if you smell fishy. It is the

completely natural fragrance of the konjac root. This disappears completely

during preparation.

Then let them drain well and put them in boiling water for three minutes. In

the meantime, heat a clean, coated pan to medium heat. The cooked pasta is

drained well again and then added to the hot pan for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring,

until dry. If the Shirataki noodles are prepared in this way, they then absorb

the sauce much better and get a more typical noodle consistency.

BMI = body weight in kilograms divided by (height in meters) 2

So if you weigh 93 kilograms and are 1.80 meters tall, for example, the BMI

calculation works like this:

93 kg divided by the result of 1.8 x 1.8 = 28.7 (your BMI)

If you would like to try out a typical BMI calculator, you can do so right


(c) www.BMI-Rechner.net | BMI calculator

The table Assuming you have calculated your BMI yourself, all you need is a

table that you can use to assess your BMI. Because no one can do anything with

the number 28.7. Since such a table is not difficult to read, you do not need a

Of course, not all of humanity is divided into these three categories, since

there are an infinite number of mixed types that consist of two or all three

constitutional types in varying proportions. Nevertheless, there are also many

people who can be assigned to a specific body type in a very concrete and

almost one hundred percent way. 

The mesomorphic type People with a mesomorphic constitution are typical

athletes and bodybuilders - in men this is shown by a pronounced chest, broad

shoulders and narrow hips, in women in a curvy figure with the desirable 90-60-

90 size. If no sport is practiced,

fat is preferred on the abdomen and hips, less on the extremities.

The endomorphic type People with an endomorphic constitution are short, with

short arms and legs and a rounded face. They tend to store fat and are

therefore overweight. They often feel like they only have to look at what is

edible to gain weight. This type of sport is often not very fun. At the same

time, losing weight is difficult. 

BMI - women BMI - men Underweight <19 <20 Normal weight 19-23.9 20 - 24.9

Overweight 24 - 29.9 25 - 29.9 Obesity 30-40 30-40 Massive obesity > 40 > 40

So you now know that you are overweight, but fortunately not yet obese.

However, if you are passionate about strength training, you can safely forget

the BMI and BMI calculator. After all, the goal of no fewer strength athletes

is ultimately to gain weight, of course not in the form of body fat, but in the

In this case, there is no excess weight that would pose a health risk, but only

Underweight to the doctor? Now it could also be that you are 1.72 meters tall

and weigh 54 kilograms. You then have a BMI of 18.3 and are - according to the

BMI calculator - clearly underweight. In this case too - again in the opinion

of the BMI calculator - you should urgently see a doctor.

According to the BMI calculator, you would have to weigh at least 56.5

kilograms with this size in order to achieve a BMI of 19 and thus at least

approximately normal weight.

There is one possibility, however, so that the BMI calculator would not certify

that you are underweight, but normal weight, even with a height of 1.72 and 54

kilograms, namely if you have had a body part (e.g. an arm or a Leg) had to be

amputated. However, not all BMI

calculators offer the "amputation service".

Now there is an additional table. It also takes individual age into account

when assessing weight, which will make things much worse, as you will see

shortly. In "specialist circles" it is believed that with increasing age it is

beneficial to have proper weight reserves in order not to lose weight so

quickly in the event of illness. Most likely, the "weight reserves" are a

significant risk factor for getting sick in the first place:

The table depending on the age So if the allegedly underweight person described

above is older than 24, the older she is, the more serious her underweight will


At the age of 50 one would have a BMI of up to 27 according to this table and

would then still be considered normal weight. A BMI of 27 would mean, however,

that our 18.3 BMI person weighs 80 kilograms and should therefore describe

himself as a normal weight. Even after the long-outdated normal weight

calculation (height in centimeters minus 100), this would still be 8 kilograms

too much.

A man with a height

of 1.85 should therefore weigh a whopping 100 kilograms - and everything would

be okay.

The concessions based on age are so drawn to the hair that they will please

overweight people because they then do not have to face the truth. However, we

recommend everyone else to ignore the second table even more than the first -

especially here, even more extreme than is already the case with the BMI

If we do this, the 18.3 BMI person is by no means underweight IF he is of the

ectomorphic type.

Age BMI 19-24 years 19-24 25-34 years 20-25 35-44 years 21-26 45-54 years 22-27

55-64 years 23-28 > 64 years 24-29 You can find the table as a PDF for printing

here under this link .

Ignored by the BMI calculator: The body constitution types The American

physician William Sheldon (1898 - 1977) developed the constitutional typology

according to which he divided people into three categories according to their

physique: the ectomorphic, the mesomorphic and the endomorphic type. Its

classification is however questionable by science and is therefore not taken

into account. In practice, however, this division has proven to be very

helpful. For example, to show people that they are not underweight, even though

the BMI calculator claims so, or to explain to other people that they can

never - as they might dream of - get spindly, simply because they are not have

the right physique for it.


have long, slender arms and legs. Most of them are tall and store little fat.

Ectomorphic women will rarely go beyond cup size B and are accordingly often

found among push-up bra wearers.

However, it is very likely that he will not win a bodybuilding competition -

simply not because he builds up muscles slowly and will never develop muscle

packages like the mesomorphic type. 

It is not uncommon for people of the ectomorphic type to eat everything that

comes to their noses - and still do not gain weight. From 30 or 40 that can

change a bit. But when ectomorphic people gain weight, it is usually only on

the abdomen, while arms and legs and, in women, the breast do not gain weight.

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