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A is also a pastor, but she has always been more interested in people's working

world than in the congregation. She has worked as a pastor for more than 30

years. She never mentions Gods. People are often angry with them - or they have

a guilty conscience because they haven't contacted him for so long. Instead,

Schmidt-Eggert tries to find out what a person loves. Everyone, says the

pastor, has something that touches him. A special memory perhaps, an encounter,

another person. Schmidt-Eggert calls it "an inner light". Finding that is the

key. Therefore, when she is sitting at the patient's bed, she doesn't away.

Sister and fiance have given her the favorite place of the sick, which she

often mentions. Sometimes the family gives her favorite songs on a USB stick,

sometimes a photo. Or a handkerchief with a dash of perfume. This time Schmidt-

Eggert is carrying a small checkered note. The fiance on it. Schmidt-Eggert

holds it close to the patient's eyes so that she can recognize the handwriting

through the half-open eyes. When the pastor starts reading the lines, you can

see on the monitor how the heartbeat of the sick is getting faster. Schmidt-

Eggert also wants to take care Bergamo. She says she has already prepared a

few words in Italian. One evening there are a few nurses and doctors in front

of their room. It is almost midnight and Ferrara has been worse and worse for

days. She has been lying on her stomach for more than twelve hours, which

should support her lungs. But while you can see her through the double glass in

her bed, while her back moves up and down under the ventilation, the words of

the doctor "It'll be over soon." "Call the embassy." "Do two autopsies."

"Family is informed." "Borders are closed." "Can't come." "Too late." When

Elisa Ferrara's body loses the fight against the virus, a nurse watches next to

her bed. She dies six days before her 67th birthday. VIII. Corona, a good plan

You can tell here in Germany that the preliminary high point of the pandemic in

Germany has a “earaches” are coming to the emergency room again. That's what

they call the patients who only sleep late on Sundays and then sit in the

waiting area. They often stayed away at the beginning of the crisis - for fear

of becoming infected. Ingo Graef, the head of the interdisciplinary emergency

center, knows how dangerous relaxation can be. Relaxation makes you sluggish,

inattentive. Therefore, even at the end of the shutdown, he still swears his

team into an attitude for emergencies. He says: "Always fly ahead of your

plane!" Always be one step ahead! Whether the virus gains the upper hand today,

tomorrow or in a few months: Here you have to pass the first test for the

clinic. Gräff's colleagues and he usually know exactly what to do if "it

rattles properly". When many patients come at once. After a bridge collapse, a

bomb explosion or a mass collision. But what to do when 30 people gasping with

Covid-19 suddenly appear at the door, they didn't know that before. Ingo Graef

loves plans. Sometimes he pre-sets every dinner of the coming week, including

restaurant visits. He habilitated with a thesis on the "Manchester Triage

System", a selection system according to which the emergency room decides how

quickly a doctor has to see the patient depending on the symptom. When Graef

became head of the emergency center 12 years ago, he revised the entire

computer system. If you enter a problem there today - whether “stomach ache” or

“failure of the telephone system” - a diagram with instructions for action

appears on the monitor. Twice he ordered 30 amateur actors stained with fake

blood in front of the clinic to simulate the disaster. In the event of a

“normal catastrophe”, a “mass casualty”, or “MANV” for short, the procedure is

clear: software enables the cell phones to ring for 600 employees at the same

time. Everyone hears the announcement: "Please go straight to the clinic!" In

the emergency room, the sliding glass door only opens from the inside, so that

every patient passes the "sighting funnel". here Normally, says Graef, the

division of the sick is clear. You can often see at first glance whether a head

is split or a hand broken; whether blood is slowly seeping out of the patient

or spraying out pulsatingly. But all the classic criteria - red: immediately,

yellow: urgent, green: not urgent - no longer work in the case of SARS-CoV-2.

Based on the experience of Chinese doctors, Graef a new subdivision. Now he is

standing in front of a group of nurses to play through what is important , if,

for example, an entire old people's home needs oxygen at the same time: if a

“mass casualty” becomes a “mass casualty”. A scenario so unlikely that there

isn't even an official name for it. Graef boxes colors. They look like an

electrician's circuit diagram. Depending on how quickly a patient breathes, how

much oxygen he needs, how high his body temperature is, whether he is

contagious or not, the instructions on Gräff's plans change. If a nurse does

not immediately understand the explanation, Gräff often says: “Very good

question! So that doesn't seem intuitive enough! ”Later he corrects the notes

in his office. In classic disaster medicine there is another group besides the

green, yellow and red patients. One that you never talk about here, and yet

everyone knows that it exists theoretically. In the hospitals of the Bonn

clinic, Italian hospitals are said to have separate areas for these patients at

the height of the pandemic: the “blue zones”. Blue like "hopeless". In his The

penicillins or penicillins (singular penicillin , from Latin penicillium , '

brush mold ') are a group of antibiotic substances that are structurally

derived from 6-aminopenicillanic acid [1] [2] . In addition to naturally

occurring penicillins, which are formed as secondary metabolites of various

Penicillium , Aspergillus , Trichophyton and Streptomyces species, this also

includes biosynthetic and partly syntheticmanufactured penicillins. The first

naturally occurring penicillin was isolated from the brush mold Penicillium

notatum .

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