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cinnamon capsules (3 g) and group 3 even took 12 cinnamon capsules (6 g).

The capsules

were taken immediately after meals. Group 1 took one capsule each after

breakfast and dinner. Groups 2 and 3 each took a third of their daily dose

three times after each main meal.

The participants continued to eat normally and stuck to their prescribed


After 20 days of taking cinnamon, only the 6 g group showed a significantly

lower blood sugar level. After 40 days, however, the blood sugar levels of the

other two groups had also dropped - just as positively (by 18 to 29 percent) as

in the 6 g group.

This means: The blood sugar regulating effect of cinnamon is not dose-dependent

and starts at a daily dose of 1 gram of cinnamon per day, just not after 20

days as with 6 grams, but only after 40 days. In the placebo groups, however,

everything stayed the same.

However, cinnamon not only reduced the test subjects' blood sugar levels, it

also conveniently lowered their LDL blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels

at the same time - by 10 to 24 percent (cholesterol) and by 23 to 30 percent (

triglycerides). The values ​​of the "good" HDL cholesterol, on the other hand,

were ideally not lowered.

Even 20 days after the cinnamon treatment had long since ended, the patients

could still observe the positive effects of the cinnamon itself. It was

particularly interesting that the long-term effects were most pronounced in

those patients who had previously taken the lowest dose of cinnamon, which

again indicates that two cinnamon capsules per day (1 g cinnamon) are

completely sufficient.

Another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007

showed that cinnamon probably lowers blood sugar levels, among other things,

because it can delay gastric emptying so that the organism is not suddenly

flooded with large amounts of blood sugar, but rather instead, the glucose

gradually enters the blood.

Given all the millions of people who suffer from insulin resistance (also known

as prediabetes) or metabolic syndrome, these study results are of course

wonderful. Because everything that the cinnamon did in that study - lower blood

sugar levels and improve cholesterol levels - can not only alleviate

prediabetes, just like the metabolic syndrome, but actually reverse it.

Lose weight with cinnamon? However, the metabolic syndrome also includes being

overweight. Can cinnamon also help you lose weight ?


the body wants to lower the blood sugar level. So the pancreas releases plenty

of insulin. Normally, the insulin would now transport the blood sugar out of

the blood and into the body cells. The cells would be supplied with sufficient

energy and the blood would be purified again.

Since the cells react only very weakly to the insulin in the case of insulin

resistance (prediabetes) or in the case of metabolic syndrome, the blood sugar

However, this signals the pancreas to release more and

more insulin - in the hope that the blood sugar level could be lowered again at

some point. As a result, insulin resistance usually not only increases blood

sugar levels, but also insulin levels.

However, the fat cells in the abdomen are particularly sensitive to high

insulin levels. And since a high level of insulin signals to the fat cells that

there is a lot of sugar and therefore a lot of energy in circulation, they see

no reason whatsoever to break down fat. So insulin inhibits fat breakdown and -

as long as there is a lot of insulin circulating in the body - the fat cells do

not release any of their fat reserves. This makes weight loss next to


* You can order organic cinnamon extract in capsules here

Cinnamon promotes fat loss But are now measures taken to lower blood sugar

levels - such as B. a healthy diet in combination with cinnamon - then of

However, a low insulin level means that the fat cells give up their fat

reserves and thus the body fat percentage drops.

The reducing effect on the insulin level has also already been shown in a


Cinnamon is also considered a warming spice, which leads to a certain amount of

heat in the body. The heat production (thermogenesis) now naturally consumes

more energy and thus also calories. Both properties - the warming and the blood

sugar level regulating effect - make cinnamon a very good component of

successful weight management.

Sniffing cinnamon gets the brain going Incidentally, you don't even have to eat

Its wonderful scent alone can give

your brain a boost as it can improve your cognitive performance. At least

that's what Phillip Zoladz, a student at the American Wheeling Jesuit

University in West Virginia, noticed.

Zoladz was working on his diploma thesis, which was devoted to the influence of

the sense of smell on human brain performance when he noticed that special

Participants in his study had to complete certain tasks while chewing a

. Compared to

those test persons who had received a neutral chewing gum or who breathed

neutral air, a clear trend emerged, namely that the cinnamon group was able to

solve the tasks with better results than the neutral group.

In the cinnamon group, arguments were more quick-witted and solutions to

problems were found more quickly. The cinnamon group also did better with

regard to judgment, memory and concentration.

No wonder cinnamon should also be able to act specifically against Alzheimer's

disease, as it should - at least in vitro - block the formation of the

unfavorable deposits in the brain and even help break them down. The

corresponding American study by scientists from the University of California

Encouraged by Zoladz's study, further research is to be initiated to see how

and if cinnamon could be used to increase mental abilities in the elderly,

including those prone to anxiety .

Zoladz himself commented on his study results with the words:

Finding a non-pharmaceutical method that can increase cognitive performance in

humans would be groundbreaking and would surely find a high level of acceptance

among the population. Coumarin in Cassia Cinnamon If you suffer from one of the

problems mentioned, then you should add cinnamon to your meals more often,

Studies have now found out that cassia cinnamon contains a substance -

coumarin - which, in high concentrations, is said to cause liver and kidney

damage. As a result, warnings about cinnamon suddenly circulated in the media

and the pleasant feeling of drinking cinnamon tea and snacking on cinnamon

stars often gave way to a certain unease. Yes, it was specifically recommended

not to give children more than 4 cinnamon stars or 1 gingerbread per day.

Unfortunately, the all-clear in the media (mostly in small print on the last

page) does not get nearly the same attention as the alarm shot triggered

earlier on page one. Because now we know that liver and kidney damage occurs

only in very few people after excessive coumarin consumption - and only in

people who already had organs that were already damaged. This is known because

coumarin was once prescribed in isolated form as a drug for certain venous

They are 0.1 milligrams per

kilogram of body weight. This means that you can consume 0.1 milligrams of

coumarin per kilogram of body weight a day for a lifetime without having to

reckon with any damage to your health. If you weigh 70 kilograms, for example,

If we now assume that cinnamon has a coumarin content of 0 to a maximum of 0.45

percent, then you consume a maximum of 4.5 milligrams of coumarin with the

recommended one gram of cinnamon and are thus - even if you only weighed 50

kilograms - below the limit.

However, the following should be considered when setting limit values: The

Until then, synthetic coumarin was allowed to be mixed in unlimited quantities

in food and beverages as a flavor. However, this is something completely

different from the natural coumarin in cinnamon.

However, we would also advise against more than 4 cinnamon stars or 1

gingerbread per day - not because of the cinnamon, but because of all the other

ingredients that are actually unhealthy in the long term: sugar, white flour,

fats, glazes, synthetic food additives, etc.

In healthy recipes, on the other hand, you can enjoy cinnamon very well,

especially when you find out that the "bad" coumarin and thus also the cassia

Cinnamon for cancer We would like to briefly introduce two studies that looked

at the anti-tumor activity of cinnamon: In 2010, Indian scientists showed that

an aqueous cinnamon extract from cassia cinnamon can initiate the death of

They found that cinnamon was a potent way to prevent

cervical cancer. German researchers from the Regensburg Institute of Pharmacy,

on the other hand, found in the 1990s, using the rodent model, that pure

coumarin shrunk some prostate cancer tumors and, in daily doses of 40 mg, could

* You can order organic cinnamon extract in capsules here

Cinnamon ideas After all this good news about cinnamon, the only thing left to

do now is to look out for recipes with which the daily consumption of cinnamon

can be made not only enjoyable but also healthy. Because you don't exactly want


example, you can add some cinnamon to tea, cocoa (preferably from plant-based

milk), almond milk or soy or cereal milk .

Even with freshly squeezed fruit juices, the cinnamon aroma tastes

exceptionally fine. Cinnamon also goes very well with unsweetened applesauce,

compote or - even better - with fruit salads. Mueslis or millet porridge (warm

with sultanas and a little butter) can also be sprinkled with cinnamon.

Below are some delicious cinnamon recipes:

Recipe: chai tea Recipe: porridge with apple and cinnamon Recipe: couscous

breakfast with almonds and orange Recipe: cinnamon biscuits - basic and raw

vegan We hope you enjoy trying it out and enjoy your meal!

Store cinnamon properly Do you still have cinnamon from the old days in your

spice cabinet? Then only use it if it smells strongly of cinnamon when you open

the pack or container.

* You can order organic cinnamon extract in capsules here

So is it possibly acetic acid that gives apple cider vinegar so many different

effects? Or another acid in the apple cider vinegar? An enzyme? Its liveliness?

Unfortunately, you don't know. This means that you know THAT apple cider

vinegar works, but how and why it does it is not exactly known. The

physiologically active substances in apple cider vinegar have not yet been

researched anywhere. How good is it that we don't have to wait for science to

use apple cider vinegar, but can enjoy it right here and now. 

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple cider Apple cider vinegar is made from

apple cider. Apple wine, on the other hand, is made when freshly pressed apple

juice is fermented. In the process, yeasts convert the sugar in the apples into

alcohol in the absence of air. If this cider is now stored warm and open, so

that acetic acid bacteria can feel comfortable in it, then they ferment the

alcohol with the help of oxygen to acetic acid - a process that takes several

weeks. But then it's ready: the apple cider vinegar - naturally cloudy and


Apple cider vinegar and its healthy secrets Apple cider vinegar works, no

question about it. But why does it work? Of course it contains the vitamins and

minerals of the apple, namely beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamins B and C as

well as potassium, magnesium, iron and trace elements. But to enjoy them, you

could also eat an apple or drink the freshly squeezed juice from it. 

How to

make cinnamon oil yourself and how to use it, read here: The five benefits of

cinnamon oil

Of course, you should ask your holistic, holistic therapist in advance -

especially if you are taking medication for diabetes or cholesterol-lowering

If your

therapist agrees, he will check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels a

little more closely from now on so that you can reduce the amount of medication

in good time as soon as the cinnamon starts to work.

During pregnancy, cinnamon should only be used in small amounts as a spice and

not specifically in the form of food supplements.

If these are children, it is not uncommon for them to be forced to have

breakfast before they leave home.

After all, it means that breakfast is important, that breakfast is the most

important meal of the day and that you cannot concentrate without breakfast.

So don't force your child to have breakfast! It knows best when the optimal

time for its first meal has come. Yes, it even intuitively practices a very

healthy eating rhythm - an eating rhythm that keeps you both healthy and lean

in the long run.

Just make sure that when your child gets hungry, they have healthy and tasty

provisions on hand.

Even for adults, breakfast is not really worth it. Especially not if you have

to lose weight , want to do something for your health or possibly already

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the costs we have for the operation and maintenance of our website and can

continue to keep the website free for our readers.

Distance training to become a holistic nutritionist Are you interested in

what's in our food and want to know how nutrients and vital substances affect

Do you want a healthy life for yourself, your family and fellow human

beings? Nutritionists are popular - but often the holistic aspect that is

At the Academy

of Naturopathy, you will get to know the connections between lifestyle and diet

as well as physical and psychological well-being.

The Academy of Naturopathy trains interested people like you to become holistic

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Apple Cider Vinegar - Not Just for Weight Loss! Apple cider vinegar never goes

out of style. On the contrary. You can find more and more areas of application

for its sour freshness. Apple cider vinegar is an indispensable helper in

diabetes. Apple cider vinegar also intervenes to regulate high cholesterol

levels. It also activates digestion, and losing weight without apple cider

vinegar would be almost unthinkable in today's world.

Read out Read aloud with webReader Author: Carina Rehberg Medical examination:

Dr. med. Jochen Handel Updated: July 30, 2020 Apple cider vinegar for

breakfast? Apple cider vinegar as a morning drink? You might be wondering who

is crazy about drinking vinegar in the morning - and then on an empty stomach

too. The apple cider vinegar drink in the morning is popular - not pure, of

course, but diluted with water and - for those who like it sweet - refined with

a spoonful of honey. If, after reading this article, you finally become one of

the large fan base of apple cider vinegar, you will soon be able to tell

yourself about the amazing effects of the refreshing apple cider vinegar drink

on your well-being and your slim figure!

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