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give, as I judge the boss. He'll probably sink her in some lake with a nice

block of concrete on his feet when he's done with her. He doesn't understand

fun with his family. The speaker laughed shrilly. ? Hey lady, you couldn't have

chosen a less suitable victim for your scissor games, you know that ??

Sam tried not to show any emotion on the outside, but the grinding of her

cheekbones revealed to the attentive viewer that she was nervously pressing her

jaws together. What had the guy said? He doesn't understand fun with his

family? She leaned her head far back against the headrest of her seat and

looked at the dirty white ceiling of the car's interior trim with a desperate

look. It is quite possible that the perverse pig was related to a police

officer. No, what did the driver say? The boss understands no fun with his

family. Shit, she'd probably killed the chief's favorite uncle. Her future

prospects were not particularly bright. The prospect of the court hearing not

taking place also worried Sam very much. Desperately, she hid her face in her

hands and took a deep breath. The handcuffs clinked softly. She still smelled

his blood and urine on her skin. She looked at her hands in disgust. Maybe she

had a chance to talk herself into being insane. In many crime novels she had

seen, the accused had gotten away with it. But that would have seemed like a

betrayal of Jessica and her agonizing death and she pushed this thought aside.

She eyed the policeman on her right. The man was pretty young, barely older

than 23-year-old Sam. He kept giving her furtive looks. As soon as Sam made eye

contact with him, he looked out of the window and looked at the accompanying

night city. Sam tried to remember where the headquarters of the Policia

Wasn't it

outside the city?Probably

no longer than 15 minutes. How depressing, a car ride where nobody spoke to her

and thought they were all monsters. To top it all off, a choleric police chief

awaited her, whose kinship had tormented her to death. Whether you

"Christmas is not canceled" The mother takes it hardest. "My mom, she didn't

pack it. She saw herself marching behind my coffin, ”says R. The mother would

have loved to have canceled Christmas. For Angelika R. this is out of the

question: "Christmas is not canceled."

The gift giving to the parents, with their two brothers and their attachments,

takes place six days after the first round of chemistry. Eight adults, four

children, the decorated tree, sausages with cabbage - everything is as always

and yet nothing is as it was. "We all started crying when we were singing

'Silent Night'," says R.

Buying wigs with sparkling wine The young woman decides not to let cancer get

her down. When her hair

fell out in tufts on New Year's Eve , she stood on the mat with two friends at

the wig shop on January 2nd. "We made fun of it and tried crazy models so that

it would be easier."

Afterwards they behead a bottle of sparkling wine. Then the friend, who is a

hairdresser, trims her hair, which is doomed anyway. The light blonde bob

hairstyle remains 1.5 centimeters. "It was such a nice day," says R. "And the

short hair looked great!"

The new look lasts for a week. Then the hair falls under the shower. "How they

pebbled over me when they dried, that was really bad." All of a sudden, bald

patches of bare scalp. The

morning after, she reaches for the razor.

Interactive NetDoktor

Self-test Can I see any signs of depression?

The bald mom The bald head becomes part of everyday life, the wig remains in

the closet. "I couldn't make friends with that." Although she resembles her old

hairstyle and looks good, she remains a foreign body. Instead, R. wraps towels

around his head, "I felt comfortable with them." Only the little daughter

She orders when the mother runs

around topless.

As little as she hides her bald head, so little does R. make her cancer a

secret: “I always talked about it openly. How I am and what's coming up. That

helped - me and the others. ”Even her son, who can understand that his mom is

very sick. That she is often not well and therefore has to go to the hospital.

That he tidy up his room himself, but doesn't always have to be good.

Between everyday life and therapy For the next few months, R. commutes between

everyday family life and therapies. A daily challenge with two small children.

She tries to be as normal as possible: accompany the son to ice hockey training

as often as possible. Help with homework. Walks in the forest. And the almost

two-year-old daughter helps with packing suitcases for the clinic.

Angelika R. is lucky in misfortune: chemotherapy tolerates her better than

many, nausea and weakness can be endured. She has parents and parents-in-law

who support her, a man who has her back when she's feeling bad.

Although he is struggling with his own fears: his father's first wife died of

cancer - as young as his angelica today. Will the same thing happen to him?

Will he soon be alone with the children? "He was a rock in the surf," says

Angelika R. "Only when we were alone did he show that it was difficult for


"Why me?" Of course, there are also the dark moments when she thinks: "Why do I

have to get this cancer? Cancer is

mostly one thing above all: a bad luck. Every day cells degenerate in the body,

every day the immune system manages to remove the defective cells before they

start to proliferate. A tumor can only develop if one of the body police

escapes. "You reached into the shit, deeply," the doctor tells her.

Certain genes,

for example, are known to increase the risk of colon cancer drastically in some

cases. But obesity , unhealthy nutrition and a lack of exercise also prepare

And, of course, age is a factor: cell damage adds up, at the

None of this,

however, applies to Angelika R. "Quarreling with fate doesn't help me," she


Interactive NetDoktor

Just don't let yourself down! Instead, she tries to get positive energies out

of everything as best she can. In outpatient chemotherapy, she often

experiences the opposite. Many fellow sufferers, she says, were absorbed in her

illness. "Even people my age! I found that terrifying. They always came in so

sneaky. ”An appearance that literally calls:“ I'm sick! You all have to feel

sorry for me! ”That's how she felt, says R.

If she has a low herself, her husband will get her going. "Go for a walk, you

weren't at the door today."

Instead of a blonde bob, she wears a short haircut with a mohawk touch -

combative instead of good. "Today I take the liberty of being a little selfish,

" says R. In the meantime, the check-ups are every three months instead of

every six weeks. And after reintegrating into her job at student counseling at

Did she ever think that she could die too? After a pause she says: "No." She

did not allow this thought "Of course I am aware that every CT can result in

Still: "I'm only 34, I have two small children. There's just no dying in there.


Pulsatilla From , Doctor and homeopath September 3, 2019

It is obtained from a local plant,

which is also known as the pasque flower. Pulsatilla is primarily known as a

medicine for women and children, but is said to be helpful for many complaints

that also occur in men. Read all about the application areas and dosage of

Pulsatilla here!


When is Pulsatilla used? Pulsatilla (pasque flower) is one of the so-called

multi-use agents (polycrests) of homeopathy. Homeopathic Pulsatilla is often

used in pediatrics and gynecology.

Conditions that Pulsatilla can require as a medicine:

sniff Inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis) Ear infections (otitis media)

Bladder infections (cystitis) Eye inflammation (conjunctivitis) Joint pain ,

especially in the acute stage In times of hormone changes, pulsatilla often

helps with many ailments: puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and

menstruation Venous congestion Gastrointestinal upset, especially if this was

caused by spoiled or too fatty food Toothache Teething Desire to have children

Typical symptoms and complaints that indicate Pulsatilla as a suitable

homeopathic remedy are:

The patient is anxious, tearful, sensitive, needs care and comfort, does not

want to be alone Grief, suffer silently shyness moodiness Changes in symptoms

Dry mouth but no thirst Wants fresh air; does not tolerate overheated, closed

rooms Circulatory weakness with blackening in front of the eyes when

straightening up Fainting with long standing Does not tolerate fatty foods,

pork and ice cream A feeling of fullness in the stomach like a stone Complaints

are worst at night, but before midnight Seizure-like pain Wandering pains

Chronic runny nose, persistent "snotty nose" Runny nose only from a nostril

Secretions from the nose , eyes and ears or sputum from the lungs are thick,

mild and yellow-green Hearing loss for colds Coughing is worse when lying down

and you cannot sleep because of it Cough exhausts the patient Bitter taste in

the mouth, especially in the morning The complaints are improved by: cold and

cold envelopes, cold food and drinks, fresh air, slow movements, upright

posture Complaints are made worse by: warmth and warm room air, fatty food,

lying down (especially on the left side), in the evening, before menstruation

These symptoms can either be the actual signs of the disease, or they can occur

as simultaneous changes from the normal state. In any case, these signs

Discuss dosage and potency with the midwife or the doctor treating you 

Problems in childbirth 

- with weak milk secretion - breast infections - too long after-effects - sad 

mood (baby blues) 

3 globules of Pulsatilla D30 each for 3 days. 

Menopause problems 

- no period is like the other - hot flashes and night sweats - mood swings and 

tearfulness - heat is poorly tolerated 

Menstrual cramps 

- Dark, thick bleeding - Period too late and too weak - Period does not come - 

Cramps before and during the rule - Shivering and cold feet - Hot flushes and 

mood swings before and during the period 

3 globules of Pulsatilla D30 each for 3 days. 

The concept of homeopathy and its specific effectiveness are controversial in 

science and have not been clearly proven by studies. 

Author & source information 

Symptom checker icon NetDoktor symptom checker Which illness causes my

complaints? Pulsatilla for baby and child Cough, runny nose, otitis media and

sinus infections are typical acute diseases in children that are said to

respond very well to Pulsatilla. These infections are often accompanied by

fever . Especially when a runny nose develops into a middle ear catarrh,

homeopaths consider Pulsatilla.

Children with diarrhea and vomiting after eating too much fat should benefit

from Pulsatilla. In one Pulsatilla child, one infection often follows the next,

the immune system is weak and it seems to be constantly sick. In school age,

The children often have problems with other children because of their anxiety,

shyness and tearfulness they can do anything with them. Here Pulsatilla should

help the child to develop self-confidence and courage.

Pulsatilla is said to be particularly

suitable for people who have a slow, phlegmatic temperament. They do not make

decisions with determination, but are very undecided. Their nature is described

as reserved and tearful, they tend to inner grief and annoyance.

People who

are prescribed this remedy by the homeopath are usually very emotional, their

moods are very changeable. It can also happen that Pulsatilla patients are

irritable and stubborn. This stubbornness can be very pronounced.

It demands a lot

of attention and affection. These characteristics can already be seen in the

Pulsatilla baby. A Pulsatilla child easily becomes a victim. It can be pushed

around and injured without defending itself.

However, especially during the illness, the child can also be very moody and

stubborn. Change is a very

typical sign for Pulsatilla, in all areas.

How is Pulsatilla used? Pulsatilla is a single homeopathic remedy that is

available as globules or as drops.

The globules are

allowed to melt under the tongue. In acute illness, one can start with half-

hourly to hourly intake. If

the improvement continues, the intake is stopped.

Pulsatilla D12 This

potency should only be taken once or twice a day. The same applies to

Pulsatilla D30 and Pulsatilla C30.

Higher D potencies (recognizable by a number of 200 and higher after the letter

D), C potencies higher than Pulsatilla C30 and homeopathic drops (for example

Pulsatilla LM 6) They

Pulsatilla use for psychological complaints should be carried out with three

globules of Pulsatilla C30. The pulsatilla effect in the psychological area is

best shown with this potency. After taking it, wait at least one day to be able

to assess the course. If necessary, the same pulsatilla dosage can be repeated


Homeopathic medicines have no side effects, but if you experience any initial

worsening, you must stop taking Pulsatilla . With self-medication, a rapid

Typical Pulsatilla application areas Complaints of the gallbladder

- after heavy, greasy eating, with feeling of pressure and fullness in the


Take 3 globules of Pulsatilla D12 once a day for a week

Diarrhea and vomiting

- especially after eating fatty food, ice cream, pastries or cakes - very

suitable for children with nausea with vomiting

3 globules of Pulsatilla D6 up to six times a day or 3 globules of Pulsatilla

D12 twice a day


- with nausea, belching and vomiting after greasy food, ice cream or mess - no


3 globules of Pulsatilla D6 up to six times a day or 3 globules of Pulsatilla

D12 twice a day

Conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis)

- yellowish, sticky secretion with glued eyelids - often associated with

itching - eyelids burn and are swollen

Further information on the topic: Felix Burda Foundation The Felix Burda

Foundation is particularly committed to the prevention and early detection of

colon cancer:

Barley grain 

- with recurring barley grains, especially on the upper eyelid - the lids are 

red and swollen - there is a whitish-yellow secretion in the corner of the eye 

Take 3 globules of Pulsatilla D12 once a day for a week 


noodles are rich in soluble. Soluble fiber can - in contrast to insoluble

fiber such as. They

promote gut health extremely well and ensure optimal digestion. · Konjak

noodles fill you up: precisely because of their high fiber content, konjak

A small

portion of 100 to 125 grams of konjac noodles will fill you up for several

hours - the more natural the side dishes, the more balanced and vital they

are. · Konjak noodles are ready to eat in 1 minute: Konjak noodles can be

prepared in a matter of seconds and are therefore ideal for the healthy fast

food kitchen. Konjac noodles -

Popular for centuries Konjak noodles are not -

50 grams of carbohydrates with this food. Since konjac does not contain any

usable carbohydrates, you can eat an unlimited amount of konjak noodles and

never reach the 50 gram mark. · Konjak noodles are high in fiber: Konjak

noodles arerich in solublefiber. Soluble fiber can - in contrast to insoluble

fiber such as. They

promote gut health extremely well and ensure optimal digestion. · Konjak

noodles fill you up: precisely because of their high fiber content, konjak

. A small

portion of 100 to 125 grams of konjac noodles will fill you up for several

hours - the more natural the side dishes, the more balanced and vital they

are. · Konjak noodles are ready to eat in 1 minute: Konjak noodles can be

prepared in a matter of seconds and are therefore ideal for the healthy fast

food kitchen. Konjac noodles -

Popular for centuries Konjak noodles are not -

like conventional noodles - made from a type of grain, but from a root: from

the konjac root (Amorphophallus Konjak or in German: devil's tongue). Konjac is

an Asian root vegetable that has been cultivated and consumed in China, Korea,

In terms of consistency,

the konjac root is somewhat similar to the potato. However, this is the only

thing in common, since konjac contains neither starch nor other usable

The konjac root consists of water and fiber,

nothing more. And it is precisely these fibers of the konjac root that are so

special about the konjac noodle. Konjac fiber: Glucomannane Proud 40 percent

fiber is contained in the konjac root. Whole grain bread - which is known for

its particularly high fiber content - only contains around 12 percent of fiber,

In contrast, there is

soluble fiber in the konjac root. The soluble fiber in the konjac root is

called glucomannane.

contrast to the insoluble fiber, soluble fiber can absorb many times its volume

of liquid - whereby glucomannans can bind more water than any other soluble

And exactly this property - after the calorie-free konjac noodle - is

the next reason why konjac noodles can help you lose weight so well . Lose

weight with konjac noodles Losing weight

with pasta is a dream for many people.

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