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a The mobility of the spine

The entire

range of motion, which results from the chain of vertebrae, is very large. The

possibilities of the spine to change in shape lie in all levels of the room and

are reinforced by the combination of the different movements.

The body is bent over a transverse axis in the cervical and lumbar spine, with

the latter being able to bend to a lesser extent than stretching backwards. In

the thoracic spine, on the other hand, the possibility of flexion is

significantly greater than that of extension. The possibility of stretching and

bending backwards is particularly great between the lower cervical vertebrae,

the eleventh thoracic and the first lumbar vertebrae and between the fourth

lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum.

Lateral inclination is approximately equally possible in the cervical and

It is largest in the thoracic spine and is only limited by the

ligaments of the spine and the ribs.

A rotation around the vertical axis is farthest possible in the neck area,

since the head with its main sensory organs, the eye and ear, require the

greatest possible mobility. The possibility of rotating around the vertical

axis decreases increasingly and is lowest in the lumbar spine.



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Where is the spine located?

If you look at the trunk in cross-section, the spine is in the back of the

body. The projections of the individual vertebrae lie one above the other under

What problems can the spine cause?

. For

example, the shape of individual vertebral bodies, vertebral arches or

vertebral processes can be changed. Sometimes the number of vertebrae also


If the first cervical vertebra has grown together with the occiput, this is

called Atlas assimilation. If there is an additional (sixth) lumbar vertebra,

this is called lumbarization. When the last (fifth) lumbar vertebra has grown

together with the sacrum, there is sacralization.

Due to muscle tension or other causes, individual vertebrae can be blocked in

their mobility.

The term spina bifida ("open back") refers to a congenital malformation of the

spine or spinal cord: the neural tube created in the embryonic phase, from

which the spine and spinal cord develop, normally closes completely. This

closure is incomplete in spina bifida.

Scheuermann's disease is a congenital disease of the thoracic and lumbar spine

that manifests itself in adolescence. The vertebral bodies become wedge-shaped

due to one-sided flattening and thus contribute to the formation of a hump (

kyphosis, rounded back) - usually in the area of ​​the thoracic spine. In

addition, irregular cartilage nodules (Schmorlsche cartilage nodules) form on

the end plates of the vertebrae. A slight hump, back pain and restricted

movement in the affected section of the spine are signs of the disease.

A lateral curvature of the spine, which can also be twisted, is called

scoliosis .

Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylarthritis) is a chronic, progressive,

rheumatic disease in which primarily the joints of the spine and the sacral-

iliac joints are inflamed.

Which pain reliever is the right one?

Risks and side effects

If there are any problems, just throw in the next best pain pill? That's not a

Because over-the-counter tablets also have their risks. Read here

which works best against which ailments andMedicinal plants for respiratory

tract and infections

Various medicinal plants can alleviate the symptoms for colds, bronchitis and

other respiratory diseases. For example, plantain tea helps against cough

without expectoration (dry, irritable cough) and linden blossom tea when fever

begins. In addition, natural medicine knows herbal remedies for strengthening

the immune system, especially preparations with echinacea (coneflower). Read

more about effective medicinal plants for the respiratory tract and immune


Prevent and relieve

The respiratory tract briefly explained

Prevent and relieve

On average, adults get a cold about twice a year. In children, cold viruses

usually strike much more often. As a rule, a cold remains harmless and healsquickly.

The unpleasant complaints can be treated with medicinal plants. Herbal

medicine can also provide relief for other respiratory diseases such as

bronchitis and flu (influenza). In addition, medicinal plants can naturally

strengthen the immune system to prevent infections.

Known medicinal plants for respiratory tract and infectionswhen it becomes


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