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The best-known example in this context is Tabboubou'¬leh. Bulgurisalso used for

theuseüof gemsüsuchas peppers. Furthermore, it canübe used forsavoury as well

as süsse aufläufe. A special specialityäin which he must not be missing

arepublicities. These are raw, heavily-preparedüminced meatsämade from lean

lambor beef. In the vegetarian version, bulgur and potatoes are mostly used.

How healthy is Bulgur? In addition to the simple method ofpreparation,the

preparationsüofthe bulgur are mainly based on the many nutrients contained in

it.ä For this purpose,ävariousB vitamins, vitamin E as well as magnesium,

calcium and phosphorus are included. Furthermore,itcontains a high level

offibre. This circumstance also makes itüsuitable fortheärest ofütheäworld,

since itüprovides fora long periodoflife. Nevertheless, Bulgur is certainly an

effective energy supplier. When dry, 100 grams contain around 350 kilocalories.

This value is in cook form due to the high water content to about 100

kilocalories per 100 grams. Furthermore, 100 grams before the source contain


Protein 8.4 g Fat 1.0 g Fiber 9.4 g Carbohydrates 69.4 g

RecipeforTabbouleh In the warmüseason, for many people, the various saladsäare

almost more important than the meat, the meat orthebreadonthe rust. In addition

to largeüand mixed salad as well as pasta and potatosalad lässt here ach bulgur

salad is enough. Forüsuch a tabbouleh, the following ingredients areused:tigt:

200 grams bulgur 6 tomatoes 1 lemon 4 Frühlings onions Parsley and peppermint

Salt and pepper Olivesöl

First,äit's all about the swelling of the bulgur. This is done in boiling water

forüabout 20 minutes. Boiling water is alsoüusedforthe tomatoesto cutthem,äcore

them and then divide theminto small trays.ü Inthenext step, cut theüonions,

parsley and peppermint into small pieces. Then add the tomatomixtureand

mixüwithsalt, pepper,olivesand lemonjuice. Finally, the bulgur is added and

everything is mixed together so that the tabboulehäcan be permeated by the

manyaromas. Otheröpossible ingredients include cruciferousümilkand raisins.

Everything in butter - or what? The term "butter" conceals a spread fat, which

is mainly made of milk fat. Accordingäto theEuropeanRegulation, the proportion

of milk fat must be at least 80 per cent, with the maximumwater content not

exceeding16 per cent. berschreiten darf. Butter Shopping online

The starting product of most butter types is cow's milk. However, the milk of

sheep or goats can also be usedforfat production. In addition to the

ingredients mentioned above, butter alsoäcontains proteins, milkseures,

numerous glycerides, cholesterol and milk powder. The name "butter" was derived

from the Latin vocabulary "butyrum", whichtranslates as much as cow's milk


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