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to turn his back on the city that Achetaton had built. When Nefer thought of

moving to "Horizon des Aton", she felt very light. There her master would only

be surrounded by his followers and the followers he had chosen and there would

finally be peace. Nefer had reached the rear entrance, through which one could

enter the palace from the gardens. She slipped into the lotus room. As she

crossed it, she looked at the flowers depicted in a thousand different

variants, which covered the walls and columns. Golden statues depicting

Amenophis, Nefertiti and other members of the royal family stood in wall niches

and in between there were large vases with fragrant lotus flowers. From time to

time, lavish celebrations were held here, in which she was not yet allowed to

participate. Then she sometimes hid behind one of the pillars and watched with

shining eyes the people and the acrobats and dancers who provided


The eavesdropper She had now reached the end of the room and had already opened

the door a crack when she heard a voice that made her hesitate. With the bolt

still in her hand, she considered withdrawing into the garden and waiting for

the owner of that voice to disappear. She had recognized Eye's voice. He had

been the high priest of the falcon god Horus and, through his flattering

manner, had managed to convince Pharaoh that he was now pleased to serve the

aton. He was still a high priest and had also become a political advisor. Even

if Nefer had no reason for it, she mistrusted this eye from the ground up. As

she thought about it, a second voice came in and Nefer immediately let go of

her thoughts of escape. The second voice belonged to tutu, the personal advisor

Amenophis`. Amenophis had brought this man with him from his first and only

campaign to Mitanni, since he had thrown himself at his feet and asked to be

allowed to serve the God-King. In Nefer's opinion, he was a spy who acted for

the Mittanni or even the Hittites. Already his appearance made him unappealing.

He was Asian

and his small slit eyes dark as darkness. They stood close together and were

shadowed by narrow, diabolically raised brows. He was small and petite and

always reminded Nefer of a rat, especially with his shaved head, which only had

a long braided strand in the middle - the rat tail! However, when she once made

this supposition to Nefertiti, she burst out laughing and prohibited her from

coming to the king with such old wives' tales. Nefer had closed the door as

much as possible and now pressed his ear against it. It just seemed strange to

her that these two, who were constantly fighting over Pharaoh's favor and were

tough competitors, seemed to be revealing secrets here. However, through the

thick wood of the door, she could only understand fragments of the

conversation. "....... support unrest?" That was Eyes voice. Nefer pressed his

face harder against the hard wood. "...... too early ...... wait ...........

Achetaton." That was Tutu's answer. A hand lay on Nefer's shoulder and whirled

around, startled. She looked into the striking face of the haremhab, framed by

a shiny helmet. "What are you doing?" He growled. A fine blush covered her face

when she replied hesitatingly: "I..I am getting fresh clothes for my queen who

.. bathing in the lake!" Amused, Haremhab raised a thick, black eyebrow. "So,

so." His light brown eyes gleamed with amusement. He also hadn't forgotten the

incident many years ago, but whenever he looked at the little scar on his toe,

he also remembered how the courage and fighting spirit of the little red-haired

girl had impressed him. "Hm, if you want to go to the apartments of Nefertiti,

why don't you open this door and go your way?" With a challenging look,

Haremhab tried to reach for the doorknob. Defiantly Nefer pressed his back

against the planks and said: "I will, but I'm not in a hurry!" The military

leader gently but relentlessly pushed them aside and opened the door with a

swing. Tutu and Eye drove like caught sinners, sitting on one of the recessed

... why don't you open this door and go your way? ”With a challenging look,

Haremhab tried to reach for the doorknob. Defiantly Nefer pressed his back

against the planks and said: "I will, but I'm not in such a hurry!" The

military leader gently but relentlessly pushed them aside and opened the door

with a swing. Tutu and Eye drove like caught sinners, who were sitting on one

of the ... why don't you open this door and go your way? ”With a challenging

look, Haremhab tried to reach for the doorknob. Defiantly Nefer pressed his

back against the planks and said: "I will, but I'm not in a hurry!" The

military leader gently but relentlessly pushed them aside and opened the door

with a swing. Tutu and Eye drove like caught sinners, who were sitting on one

of the

stone benches had sat apart and rose. Haremhab looked suspiciously at the

couple and with an indefinable look back at the young girl he left the scene

with firm steps. The Asian scowled at Nefer and the thick, bald eye with his

pig's eyes and the vulture's nose glared at her. However, the severe impression

was hampered by his constant winking as the sweat ran into his eyes. Nefer

wriggled between the two men and was gone before they could speak to them. Why,

she wondered, had Haremhab been so surprised? For the same reason as you? And

why was Eye sweating as if someone had caught him doing something wrong? Nefer

had now reached the Queen's rooms and started

The move of the yard The fleet glided majestically down the Nile and wherever

it appeared, curious peasants or inhabitants of towns and villages lined the

banks. The sails were hauled in and the magnificent, brightly painted ships

drifted downstream with the lazy current. The oars were retracted and the men

could rest. Royal flags were hoisted on the masts with the golden aton symbol

on a blue background. On the wide decks, tent-like frames with canopies could

be seen, which, when the curtains were closed, formed comfortable, closed rooms

for the noble passengers. The bow and stern of the most magnificent ship were

decorated with paintings of Pharaoh in battle, and the large cabin amidships,

which was reserved for the royal family or the highest dignitaries, was painted

with a blue and yellow herringbone pattern. Not every boat had this specially

equipped cabin. On the first of the ten splendid barges was Haremhab with his

Medjay, the palace police, to secure the way against pirates or other dangers.

The soldiers preferred simpler accommodations. Then the queen's vehicle

followed, which of course had the most magnificent cabin. A whole number of

smaller fishing boats and merchant barges swarmed around like a swarm of flies

the onset of royal splendor as soon as you approached a larger city. Sometimes

Nefertiti left the superstructure and her servants ran to carry her a

comfortable folding chair, on which she then took a seat at the bow of the ship

and impatiently followed the course of the river with her eyes, as if this

could speed up the journey. Her servants shaded her head with ostrich feather

fans and fanned them with air so that she did not become too hot under the

glowing Aton disc, which made the queen's jeweled collar glisten and shine. The

cobra diadem on her head also made the diamond eyes glow in the sunlight as if

the snake had come to life. Haremhab reluctantly watched this hustle and bustle

from the stern of his ship; sometimes it seemed too dangerous to show himself

like that. He was in a bad mood anyway. Everything had not gone as he would

have liked. Amenophis IV had traveled weeks ago with his royal show ship and,

at Haremhab's request, had smiled and pointed out that he would be accompanied

by his whole bodyguard and also by Eje and Tutu, as well as half the court. It

would also be much more important to ensure the safe journey of the later

consort, Nefertiti. Haremhab reluctantly stuck his chin out at the thought,

then went back to the bow of the ship and looked for dangers. The queen's ship

was followed by the many barges occupied by officials, nobles and merchants,

all of whom wanted to inhabit the city of Aton. *

Nefer stood next to Nefertiti and fanned her with the fan. The queen raised her

head and smiled. “I can't wait to get to the holy city. So far my husband has

never taken me to see him; so I have no idea what to expect. Apart from a few

maps and plans, I haven't seen anything from Achetaton. ”Nefer admired