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You become

insulin resistant. A high level of

fat increases (visceral fat = belly fat ). Belly fat independently forms

hormones and inflammatory substances and is therefore associated with a wide

range of health problems. The risk of diabetes, blood pressure and

cardiovascular disease increase. Magnesium deficiency increases the

susceptibility to stress Stress can also lead to obesity in the presence of a

magnesium deficiency. In addition to the fact that some people tend to eat

indiscriminately when they are under stress, the stress hormone cortisol makes

weight loss almost impossible - especially when the stress becomes a chronic

condition. The body stores fats under the action of cortisol, especially in the


magnesium can reduce the susceptibility to stress, the mineral intervenes at

the very beginning of the reaction chain and protects the organism from being

overweight caused by stress.

Magnesium blocks fattening genes After the fattening genes were discovered,

many people believe that being overweight is hereditary and that there is

nothing they can do about it. This view of things is very handy as it allows

you to continue your bad fattening habits while blaming your genes for being


Animal experiments have shown, however, that the genes for obesity were only

activated in those mice that received insufficient B vitamins and the animals

became overweight as a result. However, if they were adequately supplied with B

vitamins, then they stayed slim or became slim again.

The fattening genes are only activated in the presence of a deficiency, so that

everyone could have a certain influence on the expression of some genes - and

here also the fattening genes. By the way, B vitamins can only actively


magnesium, the B vitamins are helpless and therefore gene expression can only

be influenced with the help of magnesium.


means that if there is enough magnesium present, then the possibly existing

fattening genes are not activated and one remains slim or can become so with

ease, even if one has fattening genes.

Optimize magnesium supply If you are overweight, optimizing your magnesium

supply - in addition to changing your diet to an excessively alkaline diet - is

extremely important. In the following, we present three ways in which you can

meet your magnesium needs in a healthy way.

Magnesium in foods Foods rich in magnesium are, for example, amaranth ,

quinoa , seaweed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds , dried fruits (

preferably self-dried, e.g. dried bananas ), green leafy vegetables and

legumes (also in the form of sprouts). Make sure you incorporate these foods

into your diet regularly.

You can also read about this: Correcting a magnesium deficiency with the right


Magnesium in the Sango marine coral The magnesium supply can also be optimized

with the help of high-quality food supplements. This includes the Sango marine

coral, which has an ideal calcium-magnesium ratio of 2: 1, so that both

In addition, the Sango

Marine Coral contains not only calcium and magnesium, but also over 70 other

minerals and trace elements, so that we can speak of a holistic dietary

supplement here.

When buying the Sango marine coral, make sure that it is really the marine

coral and not the less useful land coral. Read more about the Sango marine

coral here .

Do not take the daily magnesium dose all at once, but divide it up into several

individual doses, since the organism can only absorb part of it and the amount

absorbed becomes smaller the more magnesium you consume in one dose.

Magnesium supplements - find the right one for you! In our article "Buy

Magnesium - The Best Supplements" we present eight different magnesium

compounds and their properties so that you can then choose the magnesium

supplement that is best for you.