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aber die Nadeln rasteten nie richtig ein, so dass ich ein etwas blutiges

Durcheinander aufräumen musste, aber kein Blut in der Einheit. Ein Vertreter

von Baze lieferte mir später persönlich eine Ersatz-TAP und wies mich an, sie

stattdessen an meinem Bizeps zu verwenden, und das war weitaus erfolgreicher.

Innerhalb weniger Minuten war das Blut abgenommen und versandfertig. Wie

Of course, this does not mean that the thing about stopping blood pressure

This is unwise and dangerous. However, this is less so in

view of the fact that a vessel in the brain can burst as a result of

overpressure. The real danger of high blood pressure is that the blood pressure

pump, i.e. the heart, has to work considerably more because of the increased

pressure in the vascular system. As a result, the heart gets metabolic

problems, eventually enlarges pathologically and breaks down.

The strophanthin can now intercept such metabolic problems in the heart and

even reduce an enlarged heart. The strophanthin normalizes the increased blood

pressure without, however, having the side effects that are otherwise common in

hypotensive patients.

In any case, those who have high blood pressure should not simply go back to

the usual agenda, but must understand this as an important warning signal from

the body and as an urgent request to do something. It should also be noted in

passing that there may well be intolerances to hypotensive, which is shown by

the fact that the blood pressure after the remedy is even higher than before.

Taking antihypertensives such as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors appears to be

far more dangerous than previously known. It has been shown in dog experiments

that after 3 weeks of taking such hypotensive drugs, the animal no longer

produces strophanthin itself.

Given the importance of the body's own hormone strophanthin for the organism

and especially for the heart, this is an alarming result. After all, it is

important to prevent the failure of the production of strophanthin, rather to

stimulate it so that it works again. One should actually assume that, alarmed

by this result in the dog experiment, it will now be immediately clarified in

further experiments whether this also applies to humans, because then "public

health" could be increased significantly simply by the fact that the current

DEACIDIFYING AGENT If you need quick help, use baking soda (sodium

bicarbonate), available as KAISER baking soda in the drugstore. The patient

feels the relief here within a few minutes. The brain will quickly feel the

deacidification, especially when there is congestion and dizziness, which herald the stroke. Soda is an almost sensational help for heart attacks and especially for strokes. It is important that it is given quickly and in high

doses, that is, about 1 heaped teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water!

In this way, paralysis and disorders can be safely avoided and even reversed in

In my 25 years of practice, I have successfully treated

strokes in my own family. There were no repercussions from the stroke.

However, an incredible amount of money is made from blood pressure lowerers -

several hundred million euros a day in the FRG alone. And therefore people's

fear of high blood pressure is constantly being fueled. In the past, I was

The last message I

know from self-help groups against blood pressure is that according to the

latest American research, a blood pressure of RR 120 // 70 is desirable. For

this, many scientists are paid by industry so that they can introduce such

Hardly any older person achieves such values! So blood

pressure lowerers are swallowed without end and some people have someone in

their kinship who gropes through the area without zest for life and with acute


Against the background of these natural conditions, it is now an unwise measure

to simply interrupt this important process of balancing the increase in blood

pressure with medication. For many, the real difficulties only start because

the necessary cell supply is no longer guaranteed everywhere. Every leaflet for

hypotensive drugs shows what kind of difficulties these can be. It is usually

kept secret or not known that especially the so-called ischemic, bloodless

strokes - that is around 80 percent of all strokes! - are mostly the result of

the uncritical prescription of antihypertensives.

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