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Barolo - a special wine treat Among wine connoisseurs, the Barolo is

considered to be theking ofwines. This red wine impresses with its complex

aromas as well as itsärich butharmonious taste. Barolo Shopping online Our top

sellers in the category Barolo Barolo DOCG, 75cl, 2015 Vigna Rionda -

Massolino CHF 43.90 / bottle Bio Barolo DOCG Boiolo, 75cl, 2013 Azienda

Agricola Camparo CHF 43.90 / bottle Grappa invecchiata TRA NOI - Barolo in

a wooden box, 70cl Distillery Berta CHF 99.00 / bottle Grappa di Nebbiolo

da Barolo, 50cl L'ANIMA DI VERGANI CHF 38.50 / bottle Barolo - where does

this wine come from? Barolo is a small village located a few kilometreswestof

Alba. In the meantime,üthis small place was knownworldwide forüits specialred

wine. The red wine from this region in Piedmont is considered an intense, large

DOCG red wine. This red wine is oneofthe most important red wines in Italy and

one of thered wines, which are particularly durable. Only Nebbioli mayübe used

for barolo wine as a grapevariety. Cultivation is only permitted in a few

. go for the best only.

Of this, the

wine should be stored in a wooden barrel for at least 18 months. Barolo -

special grape variety from Piedmont Barolo is a wine produced from only one

grape variety. . The Nebbiolo variety comes from

Piedmont. It isone ofthe most demanding grape varieties in terms of locationand

soil. Prerequisites forüthe growth of this grape variety are calcareous

meryellow sandalesand as well as steep süd- and Südwestlagen.

What you bring to your palate is simply "suspect orgasm"! 

In order not to describe the whole thing in more detail and to run the risk of 

being censored by any kind of morality, we turn to a permitted aphrodisiac in 


Let's just try our rock again in the kitchen surf and try the good Nicolina to 

talk about another delicacy. Coniglio con Polenta (rabbit with polenta) 

Buy a fresh rabbit from your butcher and take this opportunity to cut it into 

front and rear legs and the rest into three to four parts. We don't need the 

head of the Coniglio, because only you have to think. First of all, you will 

marinate the meat. First put the pieces of meat in a bowl, then a few 

peppercorns, two sage leaves, a nice sprig of rosemary, two cloves of garlic, 

four crushed juniper berries, a small, quartered onion and finally pour on a 

strong, dry red wine until the meat is light is covered. Covered with cling 

film, the whole thing goes to sleep in the fridge, at least for a whole night. 

The following is required for the preparation: 

coaxialcbd extronormcbd vitaxsamal andodequilla serra terrapreta maximadenta.

x2selokon omdgenerator for sekulatoxoshkd

First of all, lift the rabbit pieces out of the marinade and pat them very well 

with household paper. They look like they're too

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