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In the 18th century, Carl Wilhelm Scheele (between 1771 and 1773, published in

1777) in Sweden and Joseph Priestley in England (1771, publicly described in

1774) independently discovered oxygen in connection with the study of

combustion processes. [13] [14] The discovery came very close and Pierre Bayen


n the evening you can even eat a potato (e.g. a jacket potato) with a spoonful

of butter. (Sometimes it's not butter, it's margarine).

You are not allowed to eat fruit on this day!

Day 3 Cabbage soup is on the program again in the morning, at noon and in the


In addition, you can eat fruit (no bananas) and vegetables (no legumes) as you

please. Of course, you prepare the vegetables without oil, dips or other


A banana is allowed as a snack (on some sides there are up to four bananas).

You could also drink a large glass of skimmed milk or add low-fat milk to the

Day 5 Cabbage soup again in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

With cabbage soup, depending on which instructions you use, you should eat 250

to 500 g of lean meat (beef, skinless chicken or turkey) or fish (spread

You can also add six tomatoes to the soup (either fresh or

The Frenchman Antoine Lavoisier found in his experiments that not phlogiston

escapes during combustion, but oxygen is bound. By weighing, he demonstrated

that a substance was not lighter, but heavier, after combustion. The cause was

Initially, oxygen was assumed to be the basic component for the formation of

acids . That is why Lavoisier proposed the name Oxygenium ( acid generator )

for oxygen in 1779. In fact, most of the inorganic acids in theSolution of non-

metal oxides in water oxygen. The halogens such as chlorine and bromine ,

holding it thus long time for oxides of unknown elements. It was only later

that it was recognized that hydrogen is responsible for the acid character (

Humphry Davy , from 1808). In 1883 Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wróblewski were

the first to produce liquid oxygen .

The metastable, high-energy and reactive allotropic form of three oxygen atoms (

O 3 ) is called ozone .

In other instructions it says that you can roast the meat without fat and eat a

salad from the six tomatoes - preferably put on with vinegar and oil because of

the taste experience.

Otherwise, a lot of green leafy vegetables are on the plan, for example in the

form of a green smoothie or as a green leafy salad (like the day before the

tomato salad made with vinegar and oil).

(In some instructions, you can eat meat again that day - “as much as you like.”

In others, you are only allowed to eat meat today if you did not eat any


Day 7 On the last day there is cabbage soup in the morning, at noon and in the


You can also add some brown rice and lots of green vegetables to the soup.

In addition, fruit juice is allowed - as much as you want. Of course, it can

only be pure fruit juice (direct juice) without added sugar, preferably a

freshly squeezed fruit juice.

How many calories does cabbage soup have? A fat-free cabbage soup has about 50

kcal per plate (250 ml).

Atomic oxygen , i.e. oxygen in the form of free, individual oxygen atoms, only

occurs in a stable manner under extreme conditions, for example in the vacuum

In reality, however, neither one is right. There are no negative calories, nor

is the cabbage a pronounced fat burner. On the other hand, it is assumed that

the digestion of a food requires an average of 10 percent * of the energy

supplied with this food, but certainly not 100 or more percent, because then

you would - if you B. would only eat cabbage - sooner or later starve to death,

which is certainly not the case.

* (20 to 30 percent of their energy content should be needed for the digestion

of protein-rich foods, only 5 to 10 percent for carbohydrates and 0 to 3

percent for fats).

Why do you lose weight with the cabbage soup diet? With the cabbage soup diet

you can still lose weight quickly. But this is not because of the special fat

burner properties of the cabbage, but simply because you eat very few calories

a day. Finally, the soup is almost always without any added fat and also

without carbohydrates in the form of z. B. potatoes, pasta, legumes, etc.


So the more cabbage soup you eat, the less other - more calorie - food you eat.

Losing weight is not because of the soup, but because you hardly eat anything

next to the soup, so no sweets, no bread, no cake, no yogurt, no alcohol, no

thoughtless snacks, no soft drinks etc.

This means that instead of cabbage soup you could also eat fennel soup, spinach

soup, celery soup, broccoli soup etc., you would have the same weight loss and

significantly more variety on your menu.

Cabbage Soup Diet: Only suitable for short-term weight loss Even those who

advertise the cabbage soup diet say that the crash diet will not have any long-

The cabbage soup diet is more recommendable if you want to lose a lot of weight

within a short period of time, for example to fit in your wedding clothes or to

be better equipped for another event. Because if you return to the previous

diet after the cabbage soup diet, the yo-yo effect is not long in coming and

you will be heavier than ever in no time.

Occurrence in space In space , oxygen is the third most common element after 

hydrogen and helium . The mass fraction of oxygen in the solar system is 

approximately 0.8% (this corresponds to an (atomic) number fraction of 

approximately 500 ppm ). [19] [20] 

Oxygen was not created in primordial nucleosynthesis , but is produced in 

relatively large quantities in giant stars by helium burning . First, 12 C is 

formed from three helium nuclei (three- alpha process), which then fuses with 

another helium nucleus to form 16 O. 18 O is formed by the fusion of a 4 He 

with a 14 N nucleus. Oxygen also plays a role in energy production in so-called 

main series stars such as the sun. With the CNO cycle(Bethe-Weizsäcker cycle) 

oxygen is an intermediate product of the nuclear reaction, in which a 4 He 

nucleus (alpha particle) is formed by proton capture of a 12 C nucleus, which 

acts as a catalyst . Stars in extremely serious occurs in the late stage of 

their development to oxygen firing , in which the oxygen is used as nuclear 

Most white dwarfs , which according to the state of the art represent the final 

state of 97% of all stars, consist largely of oxygen in addition to helium and 

carbon. [21] 

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