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phase is called sensitization, because the allergic complaints are still

absent. The defense work, which is associated with sneezing and sniffing, only

begins when the alleged attacker is contacted again . Only when humans come

into contact with pollen for the second time, do the IgE antibodies cause so-

called mast cells to act. They release inflammatory messengers. The best known

is histamine. Within a few minutes, but at the latest after two hours,

histamine causes the typical symptoms with itchy eyes and sniffing noses. This

makes hay fever an immediate allergic type (type I reaction).

Oxygen (also called oxygenium ; from ancient Greek ὀξύς 'oxys' "sharp, pointed,

sour" and γεννάω 'gen-' "generate, give birth", together "acid generator") is a

chemical element with the element symbol O. According to its atomic number 8

it is in eighth place in the periodic table and there together with the

elements sulfur , selenium , tellurium , polonium and livermorium , which form

the chalcogens , in the sixth main group , or 16th IUPAC group. In terms of

mass, oxygen is the most common element of the earth's crust with 48.9% [11] ,

the most common element of the earth's shell and with around 30% the second

most common element on earth ( iron is in 1st place). [12]

Under normal conditions, oxygen occurs in the form of a covalent homodimer ,

that is to say a compound of two oxygen atoms and with the molecular formula O

2 , referred to as molecular oxygen , dioxygen or dioxygen . It is a colorless

and odorless gas that is 20.942% airborne . It is involved in many combustion

and corrosion processes. Almost all living things need oxygen to live (but

plants usually give during photosynthesismore oxygen than they consume). They

are usually removed by breathing from the air or by absorption from water (

dissolved oxygen). In high concentrations, however, it is toxic to most living

Cross allergies Many hay fever patients suffer from food allergies at the same

They eat certain foods, itchy and itchy lips and mouth, they get

abdominal pain and bloating . Happiness in misfortune is that you do not have

two allergies at the same time, but a pollen-associated food allergy. This is

due to cross reactions between the pollen and the food,because both have

allergens that are the same or similar. For example, those who react to early

bloomers such as birch often have problems biting into an apple. Mugwort

allergy often cannot tolerate celery, hot peppers or raw carrots. The cross

allergies do not always have to occur, they can be limited to the time of the

respective pollen flights.

How good is the cabbage soup diet for losing weight? The cabbage soup is known

Can you really lose

Read the instructions from us, but also the

review of the cabbage soup diet.

Read out Have it read aloud with webReader Author: Carina Rehberg Updated: June

14, 2020 The Cabbage Soup Diet: Lose a lot in a short time You should be able

to lose up to 8 kg per week with the cabbage soup diet (3). You don't even have

Since the

cabbage provides so many nutrients and vital substances, the whole thing is

also very healthy.

Cabbage soup - the recipe There are different recipes for cabbage soup in

circulation. Usually it reads as follows (or something similar):

For the white cabbage soup 1.5 kg white cabbage - remove the stalk and cut into

1 cm strips 500 g tomatoes - remove the stalk and cut into 1 cm cubes 300 g

celery stalks - pull the threads and cut into 1 cm pieces 300 g carrots - peel

and cut into 1 cm slices 250 g mushrooms - clean and quarter 6 spring onions -

cut the white and green part separately into rings 3 cloves of garlic - press

Other ingredients and spices

1.5 liters of vegetable broth 1 bay leaf 4 tablespoons chopped parsley

Crystalline salt and pepper from the mill preparation For the white cabbage

soup, put all the ingredients - except for the parsley - in a large saucepan

and bring to the boil; salt a little while doing so.

Let the soup simmer for about 1 hour. Then season with salt and pepper and

remove the bay leaf.

Enjoy the white cabbage soup sprinkled with parsley.

Note: This recipe makes about 2.3 kg of soup; that's about 10 servings.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: The Instructions There are also different variations

when it comes to instructions. It would make sense to eat cabbage soup with all

three main meals, i.e. in the morning, at noon and in the evening - and until

In addition, on some days you can eat some fruit, one or two potatoes,

sometimes rice, sometimes a milk product and sometimes a little lean meat.

Since it is unusual in Europe - in contrast to Asian countries - to have

breakfast only soup, it is suggested on some pages that breakfast with z. B.

Expand yogurt with fresh fruit or with toast and a spoon of jam or with a

scrambled egg with blanched pieces of vegetables. But then you can not count on

such good customer success, it is said.

The exact instructions for the cabbage soup diet are as follows:

Day 1 Eat cabbage soup in the morning, at noon and in the evening. In

addition - apart from bananas, watermelons and honeydew melons - you can eat as

Day 2 In the morning, at noon and in the evening there is cabbage soup again.

In addition, you can eat as much raw or steamed vegetables as you like - just

no legumes (lentils, peas, beans, etc.).


From the Stone Age to beyond the Middle Ages, fire was a phenomenon that was

accepted as a gift from heaven. Various ideas about the nature of fire arose

from the natural philosophers of antiquity to the alchemists . Fire was

understood as a basic element of the four-element teaching . In the 17th

century the idea of ​​a “light mysterious material” was born. This phlogiston

would escape from the burning substance, heat was understood as a substance.

The German-Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele made experiments. When

heating manganese dioxide ( manganese dioxide ) or potassium permanganatewith

concentrated sulfuric acid ( vitriol ) he received a colorless gas. This gas

promoted the combustion and Scheele called it "fire air" or "vitriol air"

according to its origin. He found that air is made up of this oxygen and

The Englishman Joseph Priestley was able to produce oxygen gas

by heating mercury oxide completely independently two years later . The Briton

published his findings in 1774, but Scheele published his book Chemical

Treatments of Air and Fire only in 1777. [15] 

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