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EPIDEMICSMasks, prohibitions and wild theories: where Pest and Corona have

parallels Many things that we experience in the Corona crisis were there in

previous centuries - when the plague devastated all of Europe Siebo Heinken

April 6, 2020 Share:Become a Facebook fan now mauritius images / Keith Corrigan

/ Alamy In the 17th century, doctors developed protective clothing consisting

of a robe and a beak mask in front of the face, which was filled with fragrant

and at the same time protective substances When a mysterious lung disease first

appeared in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan just three months ago, the pandemic

seemed to many to be a term from distant history. The origin of the corona

virus was probably a wild animal on a market: a bat acted as the host, a

pangolin as an intermediate host on the path of the virus into the human

organism. The chain of infection is reminiscent of the outbreak of the plague

in the Middle Ages. At that time, the flea of ​​a jerboa or other rodent may

have transmitted the - bacterial - pathogen Yersinia pestis to a rat, which

then passed on to rat fleas and then to humans. These passed on the disease by

droplet infection. The plague took its course, became a pandemic - and the

greatest natural disaster in human history. According to historian Alexander

Berner, whether the plague started in China or in Central Asia is

controversial. "What is certain, however, is that the disease has spread more

and more over small-scale networks, but also via long-distance trade," he says.

Pest came to the Mediterranean via the Silk Road These networks were part of

the legendary Silk Road: a trade route that connected China to the

Mediterranean. The anthropologist and environmental historian Bernd Hermann

traces the path as follows: “From 1331 to 1346 the pathogen migrated to the

west, which is evidenced by increased mortality in the caravanserai. In 1346 he

came to Astrakhan, the Volga and the Don. In 1347 Kaffa was reached, a Genoese

settlement on the Black Sea. ”And from there, the Genoese brought the plague

further into the Mediterranean with the ships they fled from the Mongols. A

year later she was in Marseille, reached Venice and Pisa, and in 1353 finally

Moscow. The already well-developed infrastructure and the increasing mobility

of people in Europe made it easy for black death to stretch its arm quickly and

ever further. In addition, in the "Jubilee Year" 1350 there were many pilgrims

on the road: Pope Clement VI. had promised them particularly effective

indulgences when they visited the holy places of Christianity. Within a few

years, the plague was able to spread over a very large area, killing around 25

million people in Europe between 1346 and 1353, a third of the population - and

millions more in several outbreak waves in the centuries that followed. "Many

people had to suffer it at least once in their lives," says Alexander Berner,

who is an expert on the history of the plagueExhibition "Pest! A search for

traces ” in the LWL Museum of Archeology in Herne. Conspiracy theories spread

At that time, science was just at the beginning, microbiology and virology did

not yet exist. Conspiracy theories spread. One of the most formidable was

directed against Jews accused of poisoning wells. Miasm theory was a completely

different explanation: According to her, illness-causing, bad air, such as bad

vapors from the earth, got into the body, where it triggered an imbalance in

the body fluids. In addition, the plague miasms “caused an excess of blood and

thus moisture and heat, which in turn led to putrefaction, which depressed the

heart of the patient and poisoned the body,” explains historian Katharina

Wolff. The bad air itself was also said to have toxic properties: it penetrated

the body as poison, The plague could be passed on as a miasma - in this case

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