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11 Inserted by annex to the BB of March 22, 2019 on the approval of the abbr. 

Between Switzerland and the EU for linking the emissions trading systems and on 

its implementation, in force since January 1, 2020 ( AS 2019 4327 ; BBl 2018 

411 ). 

Art. 40 b 1 Processing of personal data 1 Within the scope of this Act, the 

responsible federal authorities can process personal data, including 

particularly sensitive data on administrative or criminal prosecutions and 


2 You can keep this data electronically. 

3 The Federal Council determines which categories of personal data may be 

processed and how long the data are to be kept. 

1 Inserted by annex to the BB of March 22, 2019 on the approval of the abbr. 

Between Switzerland and the EU for linking the emissions trading systems and on 

its implementation, in force since January 1, 2020 ( AS 2019 4327 ; BBl 2018 

411 ). 

Art. 41 Training and further education 1 In cooperation with the cantons, the 

Confederation promotes the training and further education of people who are 

2 The authorities inform the public about precautionary measures in climate 

protection and advise municipalities, companies and consumers on measures to 

reduce CO 2 emissions. 

Chapter 8: Criminal Provisions Art. 42 Evasion of the CO 2 levy 1 Anyone who 

intentionally provides himself or another person with an unlawful tax 

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3 Anyone who gains an unlawful tax advantage for himself or another person 

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Art. 43 Danger to the CO 2 tax 1 If the offense is not threatened with a higher 

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intentionally or negligently: 

From Medical editor Withdrawal The withdrawal completes the training and 


prevents you from feeling tired and dizzy after the exercise. Exception: If you 

want to fall asleep through autogenic training or have done certain pain relief 

exercises, you can omit the withdrawal. 

For a successful return, you can, for example, use the arms formula ! Breathe 

deeply! Open eyes! speak loudly and vigorously. Inhale and exhale several 

The right practice posture There are three attitudes that have proven 

themselves for autogenic training: 

Lying down 

You lie comfortably on your back on the couch or in bed. There is a support 

pillow in the neck and the back of the knees. The arms lie sideways or on the 

thigh. The toes point slightly outwards. 

Armchair pose 

The feet are 

completely on the floor. The arms 

are on the back or in the lap. 

Cab carriage attitude 

You are sitting on the edge of a chair. The upper body is bent so far that the 

elbows rest on the thighs. The arms hang down on the inner thighs and the head 

is lowered.

Autogenic training: Instructions for rest exercise The basic exercises aim to 

relax. Afterwards you should feel pleasantly heavy, your muscles will loosen up 

and the heat will stimulate the blood circulation. The basic exercise can 

proceed as follows: 

Close your 

eyes as you exhale. Think of 

smells, sounds and impressions of this place. Concentrate on your body. 

Wandering thoughts let you pass relaxed and put your focus back on your body. 

Say the formula I'm calm. I am very calm . monotonous and relaxed. Repeat the 

formula patiently three to six times. Feel your body and feel how it becomes 

very calm. Carry out the withdrawal. This is the end of your autogenic 

training. Formulas affect the psyche and body In order to be able to 

specifically target and change the subconscious during the self-hypnosis, there 

are the so-called pre-formulas. So you give the body very clear orders. The 

formulas are spoken during the trance. This is how they continue to work after 

the autogenic training. 

Be it the formulas of the basic exercise for heaviness like My right arm is 

heavy. My left arm is heavy . My arms are heavy. or an individualized self- 

influence like I appear confident and confident. Autogenic training allows you 

How often and how long do you practice? How long you best practice autogenic 

training depends on your level of training. As a beginner, it should be three 

times ten minutes a day, but not more. It is better to exercise frequently and 

briefly than only occasionally and for a long time. Once you understand the 

method, five minutes twice a day is enough. In total, it takes about a month 

for autogenic training to sustainably improve your life. 

Who is autogenic training for? Basically, autogenic training is suitable for 

everyone. However, it takes a lot of practice and you have to understand the 

method to use it correctly. Autogenic training is difficult for people with 

severe mental impairments such as schizophrenia or compulsive personality 

disorders. Basic requirement for autogenic training: You should be able to 

concentrate and think clearly. 

The developer Schultz advocated autogenic training for children from the age of 

four. If you are a newcomer, the best thing to do is to speak to your family 

doctor about whether there is anything that is against autogenic training in 

your case . Water bottles Wasser Marsch! Damit die Ballaststoffe quellen 

können, müssen Sie reichlich Wasser trinken. Sonst saugen sie die Flüssigkeit 

im Darm auf und fördern Verstopfungen sogar. Zwei Liter am Tag sind das 

Minimum. Außerdem sollten Sie Ihren Ballaststoffkonsum nach und nach steigern, 

sonst können sich lästige Blähungen einstellen. Bild 9 von 9 To run; Move 

Schritte zählen Moving your intestines gets going too - this also prevents 

constipation. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day - that sounds a lot, but can be 

done by everyone.

To run; Move From Medical editor Anti-inflammatory drugs With ointments or zinc 

paste well painful hemorrhoids can be treated. Vegetable ointments or 

suppositories are also available, for example preparations based on Hamamelis 

virginiana (virgin witch hazel) or aloe vera . The preparations are said to 

help against hemorrhoidal symptoms such as skin irritation and 

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