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prepared in just one minute.

If you would like to learn everything about the konjac noodle and its health

benefits, please read on here:

Konjac - The basic noodle without carbohydrates Recipe ideas with konjac

noodles Below we present you delicious recipes with konjac noodles and wish you

a good appetite :-)

because they need more "stuff" until the reward comes in the form of a good


On the other hand, people whose brains are much more likely to signal

satisfaction have it easier. You already have enough after a chocolate candy,

while the less sensitive have to empty the whole package.

If our reward system were to respond to uncomfortable tasks, it would be

extremely convenient. We would be significantly more motivated and would no

longer have a problem with things like losing weight or doing sports.

We could do anything that we often lack the power to make while the inner

bastard sits grinning next to us.

The origin of wellbeing and addiction A so-called neurotransmitter in the brain

This messenger substance becomes active in our brain when we feel particularly

good, experience something beautiful or look forward to something.

And since you want to always feel good and satisfied, the desire for the

Often there is no stop signal anymore and you

eat and eat and eat - until you can hardly walk.

Lose weight with the reward system "But what if you were no longer helplessly

delivered to this reward principle, but on the contrary, for your own purposes,

e.g. B. could use for weight loss ”, thought the researchers of the Jean Mayer

USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging of the Tufts University and the

Massachusetts General Hospital .

In the study published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes in 2014, the

scientists examined the reward system for thirteen overweight and obese men and

women who wanted to lose weight.

Eight of them participated in a newly developed weight loss program at Tufts

University, while the other five formed a control group and received no weight

loss support.

Konjac noodles - the basic noodle without carbohydrates Konjac noodles are made

from the flour of the konjac root. The konjac root is almost free of

carbohydrates and calories. A serving of konjac noodles provides less than 10

Konjac noodles let superfluous kilos

drop in no time. Read outHave it read aloud with webReaderFocus •     Author:

Carina Rehberg •        Updated: July 6, 2020 Konjac - The super slim noodle Konjak

noodles - also called shirataki noodles - are actually what nobody can really

believe: noodles that are healthy and with which you can lose weight with

ease. •       Konjac noodles are almost calorie-free: Konjak noodles contain 8

calories per 100 grams. Conventional pasta more than 15 times. 

Even the low-

calorie cucumber with 12 calories is not quite as light as the konjac noodle. •  

Konjac noodles are fat free. •      Konjac noodles are gluten-free : Konjak noodles