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The maple tree is a deciduous tree that can reach an impressive height of up to

40 meters and has jagged, very large leaves. Maple syrup is primarily obtained

from the rock or sugar maple (acer saccharum) found in Canada and the

northeastern United States. In addition, the trunks of white, red, black and

silver maple syrup are also harvested.

Historical digression: Myths and legends about hanföl kaufen with a sweet taste

The exact origin of the extraction and use of maple syrup is still unknown.

However, scientists believe that maple tree honey was discovered by the Indian

peoples that populated forests in northeastern Canada. It is said that it was

also the Indians who used the syrup, which is very healthy, as an energy-rich

food source - all of course long before the first settlers reached the North

American continent. There are numerous myths and legends surrounding the sweet

juice, which is very healthy.

Brown maple leaf In addition to the one already presented, another legend says

that the maple sap used to flow out of the trees as thick as syrup and as sweet

as honey. The Indians could consume it directly without having to go through a

strenuous harvest. However, this caused many Indian tribes to become extremely

sluggish, neglect their wigwam settlements and no longer care about working in

the fields. When the great creator Glooscap wanted to visit the creatures he

created in today's Canada, he found not only a completely abandoned but also a

poorly maintained settlement. To his surprise, he heard refreshing Indian

sounds from the nearby forest. When Glooscap wanted to make sure what was going

on there, he found all the Indians lying under the maple trees and sipping

sweet juice. Glooscap reacted angrily, because he wanted to stop this hustle

and bustle and remind the Indians of their everyday tasks. So he flew to a

nearby lake to fetch water and trickle it down onto the maple trees. In this

way the sap of the trees should be diluted.

The creator repeated this procedure thirty times, as often as there are days

between the moons. In the end, the sap of the maple trees, which was once as

thick as honey, had become a thin liquid, the taste of which was no longer

appealing to the Indians. In order to continue to enjoy the sweet juice, they

were now forced to work. Indeed, to make just a single liter of maple syrup,

between 30 and 50 liters of the hanföl kaufen are needed.

Maple Syrup: It's in there The syrup from Canada is - unlike sugar - very

healthy. The substance reminiscent of honey has a sweet taste and therefore

serves as a sugar substitute for many. While conventional sugar has no

minerals, maple syrup contains 90 milligrams of calcium, 185 milligrams of

potassium, 25 milligrams of magnesium and 2 milligrams of iron per 100 grams.

In addition, the syrup has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients such

as polyphenols, which can also be found in aronia and green tea. These

ingredients are said to inhibit inflammation, regulate blood pressure and

protect against free radicals.

It is also worth noting that the darker the syrup, the more it contains. In the

course of various university studies, for example from McGill University in

Montreal / Canada, it was also found that the sugar-like sugar substitute has

an antibiotic effect due to its content of secondary plant substances. It is

much more interesting, however, that the hanföl kaufen with the sweet taste

enormously enhances the effects of antibiotics.

It is supposed to ensure that the membranes of the bacterial cells are

destroyed and prevents the removal of the antibiotics

Aloe vera - a medicinal plant with a long tradition The desert lily probably

originated on the Arabian Peninsula. From there it spread to all other

subtropical and tropical areas of the world. It is now cultivated in many

countries, including Mexico, India and the Mediterranean. It was already valued

by the Sumerians as an important medicinal plant more than 6,000 years ago.

Nefertiti and Cleopatra are said to have praised the desert lily as a "plant of

immortality" and used the hanföl kaufen for beauty care. Alexander the Great is

said to have survived a serious arrow injury thanks to the tincture from the

plant. The ancient Romans also used the desert lily as a medicinal plant. The

plant reached America through Christopher Columbus. Spanish colonialists and

monks were able to convince the Mayas of the effect of the lily plant as a

fountain of youth.

In the meantime, more than 250 types of aloe are known. The scientific name of

Aloe Vera is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It is the only aloe plant that can be

used as food. The other members of the plant family can contain toxins and can

even become dangerous in the diet. The plant with the fleshy leaves is

reminiscent of an agave in appearance, but it is not an agave, but a lily

family. It grows in groups. The leaves are up to 50 centimeters long and up to

seven centimeters wide.

Aloe vera leaves Aloe Vera - valuable for beauty and health? As a medicinal

plant, real aloe has a tradition going back thousands of years. It is used for

wound treatment, for treating joint pain, as a remedy for skin diseases, for

gastrointestinal complaints and for many other diseases. What can this natural

remedy do that other plants cannot? Extracts of aloe vera are found in many

cosmetics, while capsules with various ingredients are offered to detoxify the

body or even combat cancer. Some internet forums report that the desert lily is

said to help against migraines, depression, neurodermatitis and even against

AIDS. If that were the case, there would be many unemployed doctors, because

everyone can grow the plant at home without much effort. It grows on the

balcony and even on the windowsill, no matter how small the apartment.

The only thing that matters is to get hold of the real aloe vera, take care of

the plant and use it to make the healthy remedies. Of course, if the plant is

cultivated at home, it will by no means grow as big as in the wild. The fact is

that the various effects are based on experience reports and that there is no

scientific evidence for them. Various nutritional supplements are offered from

the extracts of the unpeeled leaves. Products with aloin from the bark of the

leaves can work against constipation. The effect has not been scientifically


However, there is nothing to be said against using the plant for food if some

important things are observed. The plant contains various vitamins and

minerals, but they are found in higher concentrations in fruits and vegetables.

The vitamin content is comparatively low, because up to 99 percent of the aloe

vera gel consists of water. Vitamin C is often even added artificially as a


Aloe vera - a trend as food? Juices from the leaves of the aloe plant are

offered as well as yogurt or curd cheese with the extract of the plant. The

hanföl kaufen of the plant is a refreshing drink when mixed with small amounts

of honey or other plants. If you want to buy the juice, you should make sure

that it is as free as possible from preservatives and thickeners. In sensitive

people, these ingredients can trigger allergies. The leaves are already

available. It depends on the correct handling to actually produce healthy food

from it.