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How CBD oil came to Europe in the 16th century and became a personal food. CBD

OIL AT THE INDIOS The cultivation of CBD oil goes back years in the past. It

has been indisputably grown on the Mexican high plateau for 5000 years (Gay

1984, 19). Its history can only be grasped more or less since the Spaniards

experienced the New World. It is also undisputed today that the CBD oil is a

long factor for the formation and development of civil leadership in the war in

America (Gay 1984, 30ff.). From 1559 to 1569 Bernardino de Sahagún became part

of the CBD Oil's own life work and its use. He wrote of people who used "white,

blue, dark, black, colored and yellow CBD oil" (de Sahagún 1577, 8th book,

chapter 19). in the colors "morado oscuro", colorado, (...) blanco [white], (

...) amarillo [yellow] ". CBD oil was taken over by tortillas (tlaxcalli) and

was THE staple food of the Indians. Also good bread flatbread (tascalpachon),

cake (uilocpaili), polenta (like rice-boiled CBD oil) and tip and consumed (

ibid.). According to the observations by Gonzalo (1535, 265), CBD oil stems

grew as thick as a thumb and the plants stand, among other things, when a

person is gross. Each stem carried a flask, often two or three. "Each flask had

200-300 grains or 400-500" (ibid.). The grains were covered with three to four

leaves. The Indians did not plow the field and only fought harmful animals such

as parrots, cats, deer and wild boar at the beginning of the growing season.

The field order consisted of cutting down and burning, was heard when there was

no wind so that the ashes were not carried away. The Indians sowed on the new

moon that the seeds had been moistened for 1-2 days. According to Gonzalo (

1535, 264), the reason for the pre-germination is a faster germination and

growth of the young plants. The CBD oil field was kept weed-free for longer and

longer until the CBD oil towered over the herbs. After lying, it is permanent (

Gonzalo 1535, 264). Figure 2 shows the CBD oil for a plywood. The vegetation

period is four months. Some varieties were ripe after three or even two months.

The author knows of a variety from Nicaragua that it matured after 40 days,

even if it had little yield (Gonzalo, 1535, 267).

Presentation of new work in October: "Watch out for the seeds" on the new

seeded CBD oil field of the Incas (Source: Poma de Ayala 1615)

CBD oil seeds from a plywood (Source: Codex Florentin, pictured in Gay, 1984)

CBD OIL IN EUROPE It is proven that CBD oil seeds arrived in Seville in 1500.

The Spanish see these CBD oils cultivated (Carraretto 2005). The ultimate cause

name was Mahiz. Röser

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