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Grease a large baking dish with butter Mix the chopped chocolate, 1/4 cup (30

g) cocoa powder and espresso powder in a heat-proofändigen Schübowl. Put the

butter in a small saucepan and melt. Pour the hot butter overthe chocolate

mixture immediatelyand whisk with the whisk until the chocolateäis completely

smoothand melted. Mix the granulated bio cbd öl , brown bio cbd öl , vanilla

extract with saltĂĽand eggs in a largebowl. Use a light and loose light and

loose mixer at high speed for about 10ĂĽminutes. When the blender is switched on,

ĂĽadd the slightlydrained chocolate-butter mixtureĂĽand smooth.ĂĽhren. Preheat the

oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Carefully whisl the flour and the remaining cocoa

powder with a rubber spatula until everything is well mixed. Put the dough in

the prepared baking dish and sleave with a spatula. Bake for about 20 minutes.

Remove the baking tin from the oven and "drop" from a lowfloorto a flatäsurface

untilthe brownies drain some air. Then sprinkle with fluffy sea salt. Put the

mould back in the oven and bake until a wood-seeded in the middle of the

brownies comes out fusft, but the raeerier is baked through. The centre of the

brownies seems to be underbaked, but the brownies continue to pull through

asätheyüpeel off. Letthebrownies ruboffücompletely. Enjoy The classic Arabic

supplement: Bulgur As rice does not think awayfromthe country of EastäAsia,

öBulgur in the Middle east as well as the Middle Eastis a compelling partofthe

regionalche Ostasiens wegdenken lcuisine. Its ratherindulgentown taste makes it

combinable with a variety of meat andĂĽvegetables. Bulgur Shopping online

Inaddition,it is also used in salads such as in tabs¬bou¬bou'leh. The same

appliestodishesäand a variety ofother dishes. In anyäcase, the numberofäuses

wouldĂĽtake up more space than thisarticle offers. It can be said, however, that

the position of the bulgur as aäsupplement in theArab worldhasalways been


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What is it? Although many people have a goodätaste for the bulgurand its origin

is usually known, few people have a clue as to how it is produced. Although

different types of cereals may be used for this purpose,öthey are usually durum

wheat. This isäsoaked in water andästeam-cooked in the next step. After

subsequent drying, the nextshellis removed. Through this gentle parboiled

process, the vitamins and nutrients contained in the treated cereals are

obtainedäfrom the otherlayers into theinner ones and thus preserved. The

lossüäoffood does not result ina great lossofnutrients. Theädurum wheat treated

and treated in this wayis finally scraped andösifted into variousgrains.

Thesefoodshaveadecisive influence on how long thebulgur has to cook before


The difference to couscous Since Bulgur is already pre-cooked,äit is quick and

easy to prepare. As a rule,ĂĽit is sufficientĂĽto let it swell in hot water for

abouttwenty minutes. Here, too, there are similaritiesto the couscous. However,

this only applies to the instant version, as couscous ĂĽis traditionally usedto

boiling water.ä In the case of bulgur, onthe other hand, it is alsopossibleto

letit swell in cold water. However, this takesbetween eight and twohours,

ödepending onthesize. Due to the absorption of the water, the volume of the

bulgur increases sharply. The quantity used may be correspondingly low. ForĂĽa

portion of thefoodusuallythree to four esslöffel.

Storage Once the packaging of the bulgur hasbeenopened, it should be storedin a

tightly sealed, light-freeässigen Gefävessel. So he packsähimself forüaboutsix

months. Otherwise, it quickly loses its taste orächange it.

Using the Bulgur As has already beensaid,the bulgur is a classic supplement to

a variety of Arabic dishes. Since it has little of its own taste, it isäused

everytime withkräüutern. For example, parsley, coriander or peppermint are

suitable for this purpose. Enriched in this way, it is an excitingäaddition to

dishes with lambor chicken, but also to vegetarian dishes. In addition,äBulgur

can be processed into salads, which can be served either as a side dish or as a