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carrots, celery sticks, hot peppers, peas and the bay leaf and season with


When the

boiling point is reached again, reduce the heat so that your minestrone simmers

very slightly, add the chicken broth and put the lid on. Just leave the foam

that forms in the process.

If the vegetables are cooked but

still a little al dente (bite-proof), the parsley is added. If necessary, just

season with a little salt and the wonderful minestrone is ready.

If you like, add a spoonful of Parmigiano to your portion, because it tastes


By the way. Instead of poultry, you can also use finely chopped beef that is

not too lean. In this case, do the

meat test.

If you now sit comfortably at your table and enjoy this delicacy together with

fresh white bread, then think of Gottardo. Its eyes still light up when it

comes to MINESTRONE.

Get the following for approx. 4 people. Without Gottardo!

3. Tea Warm tea is probably the most common home remedy for every type of cold

The warmth of

the tea transfers to your airways and keeps the mucus fluid. In addition,


Drink at least 2-3 liters a day Herbal teas with sage, thyme,


your pharmacist for advice on choosing the right mixture for you It is best to

sweeten the tea with honey 4. Inhalation with herbs or essential oils

Inhalations with herbs or essential oils are also classic home remedies for

colds. They moisturize the upper respiratory tract and have a beneficial


They enable you to inhale specifically through the mouth and nose and thus

prevent eye irritation. If there is no steam inhaler at hand, you can also

carry out the inhalation classically over a bowl with steaming water and a

towel over your head.


Boil 2–3 l of water and pour into a container Add 2–3 tbsp dried herbs (e.g.

anise, fennel, mint, chamomile or thyme) or alternatively essential oil (e.g.

peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme) to the hot water (one drop per liter of water)

Hold your head over the vessel and possibly hold a towel over your head and

vessel to intensify inhalation Breathe in the steam slowly, deeply and evenly

Use: once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes. Note: Inhalation of essential oils

is not suitable for infants, children and asthma patients.

5. Inhalation with salt For inhalation with isotonic saline , the solution is

atomized into tiny droplets (aerosol) that penetrate particularly deeply into

the airways. There they support the cleaning function of the mucous membranes

Therefore, this form of

inhalation is also recommended for patients with chronic bronchitis and chronic

To create the appropriate droplet size, the saline solution is atomized using a

nebulizer and then inhaled. Ultrasonic or jet nebulizers are available in

pharmacies. Ask your family doctor or pharmacist for advice on choosing the


first heat the curd (simple edible curd) to body temperature Spread about half

a centimeter of curd on a cloth or compress Place the curd wrap on the chest

and, if necessary, fix it with a thin gauze bandage Application time: at least

30 minutes - ideally until the curd begins to dry Then dry the skin well and


Dice 2 onions Pour honey on the onion cubes in a sealable jar Close the jar and

put in the oven over medium heat When the juice has come out of the onion, take

the glass out of the oven and sift out the onion pieces Let it soak in the

fridge overnight Use: Take one tablespoon three times a day 

Dissolve a teaspoon of table salt (about 9 grams) in 1 liter of water The

lukewarm solution is then inhaled through the mouth using the nebulizer Keep

the solution for a maximum of 24 hours Finished saline is also available in

small packages in the pharmacy Beware of the red light and sauna With chronic

bronchitis, the supply of heat in the form of red light or saunas is a

beneficial home remedy. However, these methods are not suitable for acute

infections because the symptoms can also get worse.