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performance motivation, design motivation and leadership motivation. Working

behavior also encompasses three key competencies: conscientiousness,

flexibility and action orientation. Social competence comprises five key

competencies: sensitivity, contact skills, sociability, team orientation and

assertiveness. Mental constitution includes three key competencies: emotional

stability, resilience and self-confidence. The tasks are statements that are

evaluated in terms of their applicability. Relevant links test center

Digital competence indicator Brief description This test is about the so-called

"personality inventory", that is, attitudes towards digital developments, a

digital "mindset" that should be psychologically measurable. So this is not

explicitly about technical skills like mastering a programming language.

According to the provider, the end result is a profile of the user as to how

they are developed in six critical “mindset” dimensions. How does the diagnosis

work? Online you are guided through a questionnaire that takes about ten

minutes. A scale should indicate which answer is most likely to be found.

Afterwards you get a result report, which of the four ideal digital types suits

you. Assessment / criticism The control questions are sometimes too obvious,

the questions go little into the depth of individual digital challenges. The

DCI report then sent out shows the tendencies with which your own behavior can

be described, often as a hybrid type between the different roles, such as

"digital bridge builder". The individual characteristics are then addressed,

classified and interpreted in detail. The aim of the test should be to be able

to determine the "mindset" of the individual person and thereby be able to

better analyze personalities, for example in the recruiting process or in team

building. The test was developed by a private consultancy, the scientific

criteria of the test cannot be viewed or understood. Relevant links The DCI

website The DCI in the explanatory video

Motivation inventory Brief description The Motivation Inventory analyzes the

motivational factors for individual performance in a professional context. The

profile has four dimensions, which are divided into other factors. Energy (

intensity, fear of failure, risk, achievement, competition, immersion,

ambition), synergy (affiliation, environment, growth / development, autonomy /

influence), foundations (interest, integrity, flexibility, values, standards,

aspirations) and rewards (material rewards, progression, recognition, status).

How does the diagnosis work? 110 questions are answered on a questionnaire. The

subjective self-assessment is then transferred to result tables. There is an

explanatory booklet for evaluation, which lists the strengths and weaknesses of

the individual motivations. Evaluation / criticism The Motivation Inventory is

aimed at the professional context. If we know what drives us, we can focus on

it and improve our work results. Relevant links The self determination theory


The test is considered outdated in the

scene. How does the diagnosis work? The test comprises 185 multiple-choice

questions, in which the subject has to choose the most appropriate answer on a

scale of one to five. The statements of the test are aimed at self-assessment

of one's own behavior in concrete everyday situations. Accordingly, the subject

could falsify the 16PF.

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