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surf the net, read or even skype. Eating is nothing special anymore. However,

if you want to lose weight, you should concentrate entirely on the food while

eating. If you don't do it, then losing weight might fail. Read outHave it read

aloud with webReaderFocus • Author: Carina Rehberg • Updated: October 12, 2019

Eating with more mindfulness helps you lose weight Overweight has now become a

global health problem that affects more than twice as many people today as it

did in 1980. Nearly 1.9 billion adults are overweight, including 600 million

who are already classified as obese. In the meantime, more people live in

regions where overweight leads to death rather than underweight. Obesity not

only reduces the quality of life, but also brings with it a number of health

problems. For example, being overweight increases the risk of reduced mental

performance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and several forms of

It is not only important what and how much is eaten, but also how it is

eaten For overweight people, losing weight is therefore an important goal that

should be targeted and achieved as soon as possible. It is not only a question

of what and how much is eaten, but also how it is eaten. For example, some

people can no longer eat without the Internet, television, or any other

It is difficult for them to eat carefully and consciously, so "only"

concentrate on the food. But that is exactly what would make sense, at least if

you want to lose weight. Otherwise, you eat too quickly, don't chew carefully

enough, rather hastily gulps down the bite, don't even notice that you've been

full for a long time, and therefore eat far too much.

important to consider as many causative factors as possible: • How do I eat so

far? How can I change my diet ? • How do I behave while eating? • When is the

best time to eat? • How many meals should I eat? • How often do I move? Of

course, you should also clarify (factors) that u. U. can prevent weight loss,

such as. Some medications

can also make it difficult to lose weight. You can find more tips here: Factors

that can prevent weight loss Mindfulness meditation from Buddhism An increased

level of awareness, on the other hand, helps to reduce the desired excess

weight more easily. To achieve this increased level of awareness, certain

meditative exercises can be performed, such as: B. Mindfulness meditation from

Buddhism. With this meditation technique you pay attention to your current


thought is valued. No feeling analyzed or questioned. No thought is bad or

good. One observes the thoughts and feelings from a distant point of view

without identifying with them. They are just there, nothing more. They have no

meaning. You stay completely in the now - without past, without future. This

form of mindfulness was incorporated into the therapeutic work of many

psychologists and relaxation therapists in the 1980s - in the form of Jon Kabat-

Zinn's mindfulness-based stress reduction program, which he developed at the

University of Massachusetts , where today even the Center for Mindfulness (

Center for Mindfulness). Rediscover the sense of taste and eat in gratitude In

his book Coming to Our Senses , Kabat-Zinn writes that even the simplest food

can offer a whole universe of taste experiences if you only focus on your taste

and are full of mindfulness. Because many people no longer know how good a

single piece of fruit can taste. Instead, everything is processed into

smoothies, in which tens of spices and other ingredients are mixed. The sense

of taste is so used to pungent, hearty, sweet or other flavors that it is no

longer able to taste and enjoy the fine natural flavors of a single food. Even

a leafy salad without dressing is inconceivable for most people - which means

that nobody knows how good z. B. a lamb's lettuce or romaine lettuce tastes

good if you eat it on your own, chew it thoroughly and is grateful that such a

wonderful food was able to grow at all and was painstakingly harvested by loved

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