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Food supplements and other foods Foods with cannabidiol are offered in Germany 

in the area of ​​nutritional supplements without health-related claims, but 

with the explicit reference to the contained CBD. The marketability of these 

products is sometimes questioned.

The consumer advice centers agree with the BVL. Since CBD-containing products 

are neither approved nor examined with regard to dosage, safety and 

interactions, they should not be sold at all, the consumer advice centers do 

not recommend.

The healing promises made with CBD oils (e.g. alleged healing or alleviation of 

pain, depression or insomnia) are considered advertising with disease-related 

statements and are generally prohibited because of the lack of proof of 

effectiveness and the lack of approval. [33] This also applies to analogous 

statements for CBD-containing food supplements or foods.

got stuck in Egypt with her knowledge because she did not know many of the

plants and therefore their purpose or effect. She reached a waterfall that

tumbled from a small wall and crawled under a small tree next to it with

hanging branches to lean against its trunk. She was barely visible from the

way. The murmuring of the stream, the chirping of the birds and the filtered

pleasantly warm rays of Aton that fell through the canopy of leaves calmed them

and made them sleepy.

The evening sun threw her red glow through the branches, the bird sounds had

stopped, but that was not what had woken her up. Now she heard it again: it was

Tutu's hated voice. Now she saw two pairs of sanded feet standing near the

waterfall. She involuntarily pricked up her ears, but the sound of the

waterfall made it difficult to understand what was being said. "... The attack

of the pharaoh ..... maybe you don't notice ..." That was tutu. "But ....... it

will notice." Nefer winced when she realized that it was again the two alleged

"conspirators" Tutu and Eye who forged their intrigues here. "....... By itself

..." That was Eye again and Tutu replied: "You won't make the difference. ....

Pst! ”the stone slabs too. She looked carefully

under the hanging branches and spotted an innocent whistling and exceptionally

slow strolling haremhab. Nefer had to smile. Apparently she wasn't the only one

who mistrusted the clean couple out there.

The new faith and a great festival It had been over a year and no one spoke of

Pharaoh's attack. The eighth year of his reign had begun and everyone hoped

that he would be spared further attacks of the gods disease. Nefer had been

worried for a long time and sneaked around the king wherever possible, until he

finally said to her, annoyed but laughing: "Nefer, even if I never have another

seizure, I will surely die soon because at some point I will over stumble and


break your neck! ”After that and after several warnings from Nefertiti, she had

slowly but surely stopped the persecution. Luckily, lately she had had less

time to think about Pharaoh's illness because she was busy with something else.

She was now over twelve years old and soon there was going to be a big party.

Nefertiti had indicated that Nefer was now old enough to take part in such

events, and the girl's thoughts were

The divine father. Amenophis IV had

finally given up its old name and could now

name to honor the god Aton. She now called herself

"Neferneferuaton" which meant something like: "The most beautiful is Aton".

Pharaoh had also worked hard lately to ensure that the old gods were not only

deposed but also prohibited by law, and that all their names were removed from

by steals and obelisks and in all public places. Anyone who

violated the law and was caught worshiping Amun, Isis, Osiris or any other

abolished god was thrown into the dungeon. Many of the conservative priests,

who had continued to hope for a generous "look beyond", were now instructed

otherwise and had to retreat underground. In Achetaton, however, the riots

following the change of name and the new laws revealed practically nothing. *

Nefertiti actually allows Nefer to take part in the big name festival and

feverishly saw her, who had never been particularly vain, now looking for

jewelry, sandals and clothing. To this end, she accompanied Anchesenpaaton, the

youngest daughter of Nefertiti, to the merchant district. Nefer had been

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