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kontrollierten substanzen, gemäss art, beschränkten medizinischen, juli 2011 in kraft, juni 2004, suchtbedingten störungen,

psychotrope stoffe, heroingestützte behandlung, betäubungsmittelgesetz betmg,

bundesgesetz über die betäubungsmittel,

betäubungsmittel und die psychotropen, betmvv edi,

november 2008, kindern und jugendlichen, geringfügige menge, gesetzlich verankert, märz 2008,

konsums von betäubungsmitteln, prävention therapie

For sure.

Head doctors without limits: Not everyone can deal with positions of power The

scandals surrounding high-ranking doctors are increasing. Does this have to do

with their positions? Power can change people's behavior.

Listen Notice To press share You wouldn't need it. Anyone who is a senior

doctor at a Swiss hospital has a top salary and great reputation. But this does

not seem to be enough for everyone. Four chief physicians have made negative

headlines in the past few weeks because they are said to have misused their

positions to enrich themselves or strengthen their reputation.


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He is said to have concealed the complications that have arisen in reports on

operations, glossed over results in scientific publications, and submitted

license applications with misleading information. Another is said to have used

a technique in the operating theater for which he had no authorization. A third

performed three operations at the same time, and a fourth systematically

referred patients to his private clinic. The investigations are still ongoing,

the presumption of innocence applies. But even if not all allegations are

confirmed, the question remains: Do people in such positions increase the

number of misconduct? Is a chief physician more likely to disobey the rules

than an assistant doctor?

A position of power can change people - not always for the better. A position

of power can change people - not always for the better. Image: Getty Images

Losing sight of the limits "A powerful person can basically afford more," says

Petra Schmid, who, as a psychology professor at ETH Zurich, researches such

questions. “At some point he can lose sight of the limit of what he can do. His

position can lead to the feeling that nobody can harm him. »


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However, power does not have the same effect on everyone. "It's not that power

generally makes people more ruthless," says Schmid. "A feeling of power changes

people's behavior, but the direction this change takes depends on the

personality." So whether someone respects ethical norms or not is more a

question of character than professional position. But when a person gains

power, existing personal characteristics become more apparent. As a resident, a

less than honest person may refrain from glossing over a report because his

superiors do not approve of it. If he later becomes clinic director, nothing

will stand in his way.

Hardly critical feedback In addition, people in high professional positions

generally receive little critical feedback. Marianne Schmid Mast, Professor of

Organizational Psychology at the University of Lausanne, explains:

«It can be dangerous for subordinates to criticize superiors. As a result,

people in high positions sometimes lack the reality check. » If the allegations

are confirmed in the current cases, individual chief physicians have even acted

ruthlessly towards patients. According to an expert report, for example, a

woman's part of a brain lobe was cut out without being informed. Do chief

physicians possibly have a problem with empathy more often?

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