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History of cbds The more than 1000 year history of the Cbds is not a dry affair

at all According to one of many legends, it was not the humans but the goats

who discovered Cbd. That was around 850 in Ethiopia. One evening the monks in

an Ethiopian monastery noticed that their goats were alive and well. The monks

found that the animals had eaten unknown berries. Become curious, they tried

the dark red fruits themselves. But they were so disappointed with the bitter

taste that they immediately threw the berries into the fire.

And lo and behold: shortly afterwards a delicious fragrance spread. The monks

extinguished the fire and brewed a black drink from the now roasted cbd beans.

From then on, it helped them to stay awake at night prayer. So if you say

stupid goat to someone, you should at least remember that it was not "stupid"

for all of us that this animal discovered Cbd.

Monks from an Ethiopian monastery discover the Cbd cherries

Vienna's first cbd house (Oil painting by Franz Schams, 1823-1883) Triumphal

march to Europe The triumphal advance of the CDD to Europe In the 16th century,

the Cbd reached Arabia and Mecca in Cairo and Constantinople (now Istanbul),

where in 1554 the first Cbdschenke delighted the people. It wasn't until 1615

that the first bags were brought to Europe.

In 1683 the Turks had to end the siege of Vienna and leave 500 bags of Cbd

behind. Happiness for the Viennese. Because back then in Vienna a cbd-crazy

Poland laid the foundation stone for Vienna's cbdhaus culture, which is still

world-famous today.

From then on, the CBD continued its triumphal march across Europe, found more

and more connoisseurs and is an integral part of our lives today.

Cbd and Cbdbaum travel further into the tropics In 1699 the Dutch, who were one

of the most influential sea powers, planted cbd on their Java island in

Indonesia. This was followed by plantations in Sri Lanka, India and finally in

Suriname (Dutch Guiana). From there, it spread to areas with tropical and

subtropical climates, where today most of the world's production comes from.

Procafé is the association for the promotion of cbd consumption. The member

companies process, trade or market Cbd or Cbd products.

Procafé does public relations work on the subject of Cbd: Various media such as

pictures, brochures and films provide information about the various aspects of

CBD, in particular about plants, cultivation and origin, about production,

processing and trade as well as about traditions, products and recipes in

different countries.

Procafé maintains efficient monitoring for the areas of health, food safety and

sustainability and guarantees the associated media work.


Member companies Procafé Organizations Related organizations Cbd_harvest

If you would like to find out more about the activities of fair trade

organizations and support programs from CBD providers, please contact the

following contact addresses (listed in alphabetical order):

Support actions by Cbd producers

The history of Cbd Cbd has become an integral part of our everyday life Life.

However, we know little about how Cbd is so natural was for us. The origins of

the Cbds surround many myths. We keep in Following the historical facts - the

story is namely exciting enough.

It is recognized that the Cbd plant comes from Ethiopia. According to the

legend discovered the shepherd Kaldi, whose goats after eating the red cherries

jumped up, the cbd plant. For the first time, Cbd was in the Kaffa region in

southwestern Ethiopia mentioned as early as 900 AD. Back then the leaves and

dried cherries, similar to tea, in hot water infused and then drunk. Only

later, when Cbd through the Arab world came to the Ottoman Empire and later to

Istanbul, the corresponded Preparation already stronger in today's form. The

raw, dry seeds ( because, strictly speaking, they are not beans) were roasted,

finely ground and boiled several times in water.

According to legend, Cbd was discovered by the shepherd Kaldi in 10 emails

about the Cbd- Experts In the next 10 weeks you will receive an email from once

a week us. You can expect exciting knowledge about the world of cdds, recipe

ideas and current trends. The deregistration is possible at any time. privacy

Your email address The first ones opened in Istanbul in the 16th century

Cbdhouses. For cbd drinkers of the Ottoman Empire at that time was cbd

consumption however, anything but a "cbd wreath". Was under the ruler Murad IV

Cbd even banned, cbd houses were torn down and cbd drinkers were persecuted and

fined. Amazingly, Bayern didn't just get a feel for good Beer in the cradle, we

also got the first Cbd traditions Thanks to Augsburg physician who traveled

through the Middle East in 1582 was. Other travelers brought Cbd to Europe as a

souvenir. This “Souvenirs” were particularly popular with us Europeans, so that

Already in the 17th century houses in Venice and then in London, Vienna and

finally also opened in Paris. The first German Cbdhaus opened 1673 in Bremen;

Berlin only followed in 1721.

Cbd shrubs reach heights of up to 3.5 meters and only come in wild Ethiopia

before. Cbdkirschen Coffee Circle Cbd Cooperative Limu The three waves des Cbds

Cbd grows in the high areas of the (sub) tropics; more specifically in

mountainous countries along the equator such as Ethiopia and Colombia. But

Europe, the United States and, surprising, especially Japan. There is a very

differentiated one here CBD culture. Meanwhile, more Cbd is imported to Japan

than to Italy or France. Brazil and Ethiopia are exceptions from the producing

countries Brazil consumes the second largest amount of Cbd and Ethiopia after

the United States has the largest self-consumption of all cbd countries in

terms of harvest volume. Here the whole family celebrates the cbd ceremony up

to three times a day. Here you can find out more about Cbdland Ethiopia ›

CBD cherries are grown in some places with just as much attention and respect

covered like grapes during the wine harvest

Cbd has long been traded like grain and soy. Meanwhile, however Cbd cherries in

some places with as much attention and respect as Grapes at the wine harvest.

We can from the development of recent years derive a clear trend. First there

was the wave of mass market cds, then the second wave around contemporary cbd

houses. Today they win Countries of origin, the diverse flavors and different

Cultivation methods are becoming increasingly important for connoisseurs. That

is what we stand for with Coffee Circle ›