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upcoming exams, the cellular defense is suppressed, while the humoral defense

is preserved. Chronic stress suppresses both parts of the immune system (8, 12)

. Lack of sleep or staying up late into the night (see next section) Smoking

weakens all parts of the immune system and is a huge contributor to the immune

system losing its healthy balance. On the one hand, smoking intensifies

pathological (excessive) immune reactions and, on the other hand, throttles

immune reactions that are urgently needed to defend the body (10). Being

overweight with too much belly fat weakens the immune system and impairs its

functions. The reason is usually the latent inflammation, which can always be

observed in overweight people (with a high percentage of abdominal fat), which

is why they are more often victims of some infections and also belong to the

patient group with a higher risk of mortality in the case of flu (13).

Medicines can severely weaken the immune system, above all antibiotics, but

also cortisone and TNF-alpha blockers, which are often used to reduce

inflammation in autoimmune diseases (rheumatism, inflammatory bowel disease,

psoriasis, etc.) (16). Medication can disrupt your sleep and weaken your immune

These include: pain relievers, antidepressants, and

medicines for high blood pressure (3). So do not additionally weaken your

immune system and try to eliminate the weakening factors mentioned: Eat a

healthy diet, enough exercise, good stress management, adequate sleep and a

healthy body weight. Avoid medication if not absolutely necessary, look for

alternatives, or take steps to reduce medication side effects. You can read

about how to better deal with the side effects of cortisone in the previous

You are probably reading a little disinterestedly about all these points, after

all, none of this is new and does not sound like a miracle cure that you

In order not to go beyond the scope of this article, but

nevertheless to explain to you how important these factors are for your immune

You will see from this example how important

this single aspect of your lifestyle is for a healthy immune system.

How bad sleep can weaken your immune system Those who sleep long enough can do

a lot for the health of their immune system in this way alone, wrote three

scientists from the University of Tübingen and the Harvard Medical School /

Boston in a comprehensive review on how sleep and the immune system influence

each other in July 2019 ( 3).

The researchers recommended that doctors should motivate their patients to get

enough sleep after vaccinations, as this would enable the immune system to

respond better to the vaccination. The scientists also wrote that the risk of

getting an infection decreases if you always get enough sleep. If you have

caught an infection, it would be milder if you sleep long enough.

Chronic lack of sleep, on the other hand, affects the healthy balance of the

immune system and in this way increases the risk of various diseases, such as

cardio vascular diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases and

neuro degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's). When all these

Isn't sleep a miracle cure after all? After all, it is a completely free and

extremely effective measure that everyone can influence and optimize

independently. Sleep is therefore extremely important for a healthy immune

system. So take care of good sleep hygiene, which we described in our article

on naturally increasing melatonin levels under point 8.

It is similar with the miracle drugs exercise, stress reduction, not smoking

and losing weight - all of them highly effective measures that you have in your

ANZEIGE effective effective nature Reishi mushroom powder EUR 24.95 effective

effective nature Mummy & coriander EUR 24.90

* You can get melatonin here: Melatonin drops 50ml

2. How to Relieve Your Immune System Imagine your body is swarmed by pathogens.

They are all looking for possible hiding places and unguarded areas in

order to

penetrate into your organism. Your immune system doesn't always manage to be

There is often so much to do that there is not

enough capacity for every area.

These are

measures that have an anti bacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic or even anti-

fungal effect. These remedies do not always strengthen the body's immune

system, but are active themselves. They personally drive out pathogens or kill

them or inhibit their reproduction or also have an inhibiting effect on

inflammatory processes.

It is not always possible to differentiate between strengthening and relieving

means / measures, as many means do both: strengthen AND relieve. The following

is a selection of relief measures:

Natural antibiotic: You can easily make the natural antibiotic yourself - in

your kitchen and with ingredients that you may already have in your

refrigerator or pantry. Each and every one of these ingredients can, in one way

or another, provide relief from the immune system. The exact instructions for

Oregano oil: Oregano oil is an extremely powerful antibiotic and antioxidant

agent that has even been shown to be effective against some resistant bacterial

Oregano oil is used in naturopathy to combat parasites and

fungal diseases (e.g. Candida). You can read the exact application

possibilities in the previous link. * Oregano oil is available e.g. B. here:

oregano oil in capsules Olive leaf extract : The extract from olive leaves also

has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties and can

therefore very well relieve the immune system. The immune system is further

relieved by promoting autophagy. Autophagy describes the cell's own

purification, i.e. the process when cells transport their waste into the

extracellular space and thus remain clean and healthy. It is known that the

better the autophagy works, the healthier a person is (see previous link). Of

course, when the cells are healthy and clean, the immune system can function

better - and it has less to do because the cells are not as vulnerable. * You

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