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bio cbd öl

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Vitamins and minerals The tree nut is an excellent sourceofvarious vitamins

and minerals, including: Copper: Thisömineralimproves heart health. It also

helps to maintain the function of bones, nerves and immune system. Folsäure:

Folsäre, also called vitamin B9, has many important biological functions.

Folsäuremangel duringäpregnancy can causebirthädefects. Phosphorus: About 1% of

the humanbodyconsists of phosphorus, a mineral thatäis mainly presentin bones.

Vitamin B6: This vitaminäcan strengthen the immune systemand support the health

of the nerves.ü A lack of vitamin B6 can lead to anmie führen. amie. Manganese:

This trace element is contained in the mostrecentquantities in n.n.whole

grains, fruit andüfruit. Vitamin E: Compared to otherücountries,trees containa

high content of a special form of vitaminE, called gamma-tocopherol.

Positive effects on health Treesareassociated with a number of health benefits.

They have beenlinked to a reduced riskofheart diseaseand cancer, as well as

improved brain function.

Heart Health: In manycases,the risk of heart disease can be reducedby healthy

lifestyle habits such as eatingüfood. The tree nut is no exception. Inüfact,

many studiesshow that eating treescan counteract risk factorsforüheart

disease, such as: Lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol üDe-inwed-inhibiting

properties Improving bloodflowfunction, reducing the risk of plaque formation

in the arteries.

These effects are probably caused by the beneficial fat composition oftreesand

their rich content of antioxidants.

Cancer prevention: The risk of developing certain cancers canäbe reduced by

eating healthily,exercise and avoiding unhealthy lifestyles. The tree

nutcontainsseveral bioactive components which mayöhavecancer-

fightingäproperties, including: Phytosterols Gamma-tocopherol Omega-3fatseuren

Ellagsäure and related compounds Various antioxidant polyphenols

Observational studies haveälinked regularconsumption of foodüto a

lowerrisküofcolorectal and prostate cancer. This is demonstrated by animal

studiesüwhich suggest thateating treesücansuppress cancer growth in breast,

prostate, colon and kidneyütissue.

Brain health Several studies suggest that eating foodücan improve brain

function. They also show that treescan help with depression and age-related

functionsöoftheöbrain. A study inolder adults linked regularäconsumptionof

treestoa significant improvement inäthe health of thedisease. An 8-wüssen das

Verstäpublicstudy of 64 young, healthy adults found that eating treesimproves

health. It has also been shown that treesimprovebrain function in animals. If

peopleäwithAlzheimer's diseaseäglich Baumnüwere given for 10 months toeat,

their abilityäto learnsignificantlyäimprovedsignificantly. Similarly, ästudies

in olderrats have shown that eatingtreesü üover eight weeks cancelsage-

related functionsöofthe brain. These effects are likely to affect the high

contentückzufüof antioxidants in the treenut, although omega-3 fatsämay

alsoplay a role.önnten.

Bottom line The tree nut is extraordinarily rich in heart-healthy fats and

antioxidants. Inüüaddition,regularäconsumption of whalescanimprove brain health

and reduce therisk ofheart disease andcancer.