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cocked her head and looked at her. ?Now or never.? With these words, she shoved 
her hand into Samanthas' and they both ran off. The girls laughed like crazy 
and felt incredibly free and grown up. But freedom didn't last long. 
Overflowing with limitless self-confidence to have shown the sleazy cook 
properly, Sam went out and forced innocent-looking Jessica to steal a bottle of 
cheapbooze and stand at the cash register so that it looked like she was one 
of them. Then the two moved to a playground and shot themselves down with the 
They were so grown up, so sure, and so incredibly smart. Wet dream 
From , Science journalist November 27, 2017 

A wet dream has the same effect as physical sexual stimulation. Only that it 
leads to orgasm without touch. Dream images alone lead to ejaculation during 
sleep. This can be unsettling, but ejaculation while sleeping is neither a sign 
of a physical nor a mental illness, but - on the contrary - that the body works 
perfectly. If you still want to control your wet dreams, you will find out here 
whether this is possible, in which position you should not sleep and whether 
the phenomenon of "wet dreams" only occurs in men. 

What is a wet dream? Whoever sleeps also dreams at some point. And then, among 
other things, the areas in the brain that are responsible for emotional 
sensation are particularly active. Since sex and love are very emotionally 
charged topics, it can happen that an erotic dream sneaks into our night's 
sleep. The body reacts to it like excitation when awake: the pulse rises, 
breathingis getting faster. The trigger for the excitement is something 
imaginary. However, a wet dream often ends, as real intercourse or masturbation 
would do: in a ejaculation. According to studies, around 80 percent of men have 
had an orgasm at night and at least 37 percent of women. So a wet dream is 
nothing unusual and nothing to be ashamed of. Even if it was seen differently a 
few hundred years ago. 

Symptom checker icon NetDoktor symptom checker Which illness causes my 
complaints? A wet dream doesn't have to be erotic In order to produce an orgasm 
in your sleep, a wet dream does not have to have any specific erotic content. 
80 percent of those surveyed stated that their wet dream was about a form of 
vaginal sex. Often, however, the sexual is only conveyed via symbols and 
images, without concrete erotic scenes. 

Men's fright wet dream Anyone who had a wet dream 200 to 300 years ago was in 
serious trouble. If the “misery” was discovered, castration was imminent. 
Because a wet dream or the ejaculation during sleep was considered a sign of 
weakness. Presumably, the term "pollution", meaning pollution, comes from wet 
days when sex and masturbation were considered a sin. 

Fortunately, this is no longer the case these days. Even if especially young 
men are often disturbed or at least embarrassed at the beginning of puberty 
when they wake up with wet pants. A wet dream basically signals nothing other 
than that the dreaming is sexually mature. Wet dreams are normal and no cause 
for concern. In adults, the “wet dream” phenomenon sometimes disappears on its 
own. However, many men ejaculate throughout their lives in sleep - regardless 
of whether they are sexually active or not. 

Ejaculation while sleeping is not a man's thing Not only men have wet dreams. 
Women and girls can also experience erotic sensations in the form of sexual 
dreams that lead to orgasm. However, since the female climax is less noticeable 
and hardly associated with ejaculate, a wet dream is significantly less 
noticeable in women than in men and is often not even noticed. 

Can nighttime ejaculation be prevented? A wet dream happens subconsciously and 
therefore cannot be controlled. However, there are certain influencing factors 
that make ejaculation more likely or less likely during sleep. So a wet dream 
occurs more often when you are stressed. Sport and relaxation techniques can 
help in this case. There are also said to be monks who wake up every few hours 
at night to meditate or pray to avoid unwanted ejaculations. 

Wet dream - belly sleepers come more often A study from 2012 also suggests that 
the sleeping position also influences whether a wet dream "haunts us" at night. 
In the prone position, slight pressure is exerted on the genitals and genital 
area, which stimulates sleep. This stimulus can in turn affect what we dream 
of. A similar effect is said to be in tight clothing. As a result, a wet dream 
can become less likely if you sleep in comfortable pajamas or naked on your 
side or back. Picture gallery Gender is colorful 

Image 1 of 6 Rainbow flag Space for diversity Man or woman? In this question we 
mostly refer to the anatomical gender. However, research assumes that social, 
cultural, political and biological components interact that result in gender 
and can change in the course of life. Since then at the latest as the third 
gender “Divers”, the strict division into male and female is out of date. But 
what exactly do trans, inter or cis mean?

Zum ersten Mal lehrte ein "Alien" 1979 den Zuschauern das Fürchten. Seitdem 
entwickelte sich eine riesige Franchise um den sogenannten Xenomorph (griech.: 
"Fremd" und "Form"), die viele mehr oder weniger gute Games und acht Filme 
hervorbrachte. In all den Jahren erschufen kreative Köpfe Dutzende artverwandte 
und gentechnisch veränderte Alien-Spezies. Aber Vorsicht: Aufgrund der Horror-
Natur der Filmreihe empfehlen wir Ihnen, den Artikel nicht während des Essens 
zu lesen.